Zhengzhou go to work on the first day of divorce get together? Network transmission queue photos have mistakenly Dahe newspaper · river client reporter Chen Jun this morning, a front packed line of people in the photo brush burst of a lot of people’s circle of friends. Said Jinshui District Civil Affairs Bureau has been packed with people waiting for a divorce, the reason is very simple: some time ago launched the restriction clause. After half a month, a report from the Shanghai marriage registration office for "news brush restriction policy is bursting with popularity of the circle of friends all burst. Therefore, many people have one think that this picture also confirms Zhengzhou also appeared "bad feelings who dares to divorce" magic moment. So what is the truth? Just this morning, the reporter came to visit the first day of work for the various units of the Jinshui District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office. Yes, the marriage registration office is in front of it (Figure) the net transfer of this crowded picture is wrong? There are many sharp eyed people have been recognized: in addition to real estate, which can have so many people? Zhengzhou had launched a real estate purchase the policy, which makes many people guess who will get together children of divorce". Facts have proved that, at least as of now has not been found, because the net transfer photos of the Jinshui District marriage registration office in the morning do not divorce business, it is necessary to do, you have to wait until the afternoon. Related video: hundreds of villagers to get together to get rid of the relocation of the father and son of the three groups of divorce formalities相关的主题文章: