Zheng Yu: don’t call a small meat actor can be called the star calendar called Sina entertainment news in the film industry, small meat are hot, by the producers and the audience sought, but also acting with Yan value is not proportional to the dispute. This does not, the 30 day debut in the war drama "mission impossible" conference directed by Zheng Yu [micro-blog] to run a small meat: small meat is not an actor, can be called star, calendar." He also recalled himself with one of the producers of Nicky Wu [micro-blog] became involved in the "eleven Xiao Lang", at the beginning of the meeting, they also sang the chorus can’t help Justin song. The number of small meat: not an actor, can be called the star calendar, "mission impossible" by the earthquake self, cattle Zheng Yu, Chen Zihan, Jing screenwriter, Yin Zhusheng, Xin Yue starring in the war drama, spy, spy, password covers multiple elements, tells the story of the party under Yin San for the protection of the Japanese carry telegraph the password of the mathematical genius blue sky, and the story of the Japanese game to start life and death. Zheng Yu at the scene, the play from the creative to complete more than three years, and the real shooting cycle took more than a year. As a Virgo, Zheng Yu spend a lot of effort, "6 in a story, the drama of more than and 30 episodes, the show was most incisive psychology." When it comes to spy drama, have to mention the recent spy drama idol, a lot of small meat in Spy Drama, but also by their fans, but Zheng Yu does not seem optimistic about this phenomenon, "I graduated from Central Academy of Drama, learning is the sound shape, by face to eat teacher did not teach, if only face to acting, drama college to teach good maintenance. The actor is the pursuit of becoming an artist, but little meat is the pursuit of what? I don’t know." Zheng Yu also said, "what is an actor? An actor is a figure of life in a TV series. Small meat is not an actor, can be called star calendar." And Nicky Wu became involved in the "eleven Xiao Lang" invited Zihan Chen [micro-blog] is more difficult than he is, Nicky Wu is one of the show’s producer, and played an important role in the blue sky. And Zheng Yu recalls, he and Nicky Wu from the cooperation "Xiao eleven Lang" on the knot of a deep friendship. When you first meet, they also sang the chorus can’t help Justin song. But Zheng Yu said the scene funny, invited to actress Zihan Chen is more difficult than to please Nicky Wu: "she is the transcendence to her before all of the characters, she had not her own voice, this time with the original sound." And Zihan Chen also said: "before Zheng Yu and cooperation are opposing camps, their roles often appear in the bad image of the woman, and this is Zheng Yu CP the group’s invitation, I’m the boss in his mind role." (Xia Qi Ye Ziwen)相关的主题文章: