Zhang Wen opens the female strong love pattern "intimate partner" sentiment – Zhang Wen Sohu entertainment publicity photos Sohu Angeles Drama "intimate partner" is the Hubei TV, Henan TV evening prime time sync hit, the drama directed by renowned director Liu Guoquan, Zhang Wen, Chen Sisi, Lin Shen, Liu Enyou starring. In the play "female strong men weak" the main line of love is different from the common "male domineering female weak" set, Zhang Qiang interpretation of the strength of the female version of the Almighty Superman Shen An, and open a strong love mode. Love retarded unromantic female strong Shen an "idiot" side of the "intimate partner" tells the story of the rule of law columnist Shen An (Zhang Wen ornaments) to investigate the Visun group, therefore met with Visun group rich childe Qiao Tianyu, by mutual dislike friends become intimate love story. In the recent broadcast of the drama, the hero and heroine of the love line twists and turns. Qiao Tianyu again and again expressed admiration for Shen An jealousy, helpless heroine domineering strong, do not buy it, in a passive state. In Zhang Wen’s view: Shen An is not perfect, although she is a fighting force Max female role, but she is mentally retarded." It is also the character of Shen An, after the great change of the growth side. The drama "love to kill off a perception of" intimate partner "Wen drama, the heroine together experienced a desperate and evil struggle, ups and downs, in the process of cooperation has become a close partner. In life, Zhang Wen has his own opinion on the "intimate partner" is a word: "regardless of the parents or spouse or, or are good friends, take out all the good things each other comfort, there are things to be happy we work together to find a way, if not to approach, then accompany each other, spend time together. A good encounter is the achievement of each other, you can make each other better people."   相关的主题文章: