Zhang Dejiang and the Namibia National Assembly speaker Katja Vivi held talks in Beijing – Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wang Huihui) in August 29, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang 29 in the Great Hall of the people and the Namibia National Assembly speaker Katja Vivi held talks. Zhang Dejiang said that the Chinese people in Namibia in order to fight for the liberation of the nation and fought side by side, forged a deep friendship. Over the past 26 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the two sides have always been sincere and friendly to each other, and have mutual understanding and mutual support on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns. In the traditional friendship between the two sides, the common wealth, cherish. The last 12 months during the Johannesburg summit, President Xi Jinping from Columbus president held fruitful talks, as bilateral relations development direction. The Chinese side is willing to implement the consensus of the two heads of state and the outcome of the summit forum as an opportunity, with Namibia together, the mutual political trust and bilateral traditional friendly advantages into more pragmatic cooperation achievements, strengthen the solar and wind energy and seawater desalination and marine economy of agriculture and animal husbandry, fishery and other areas of mutually beneficial cooperation and promote bilateral relations to a new level better, for the benefit of the two peoples. Zhang Dejiang said that the Legislative Council is an important part of national relations. Hope that the National People’s Congress and the national assembly of Namibia China further play to their respective advantages, strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation, to enhance the friendship between the two peoples and promote bilateral cooperation in the development of building blocks. One is always from a strategic height and long-term perspective of the development of bilateral relations and continue on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns firmly support each other, strengthen coordination in multilateral cooperation, continue to consolidate the foundation of political relations between the two countries; two is the mutually beneficial cooperation to create a more favorable legal, policy and service environment for the two countries to promote. The cooperation between the two sides more achievements; the three is to strengthen the exchange of experience in governance at all levels, expand exchanges, learn from each other, and promote common development; the four is to promote non-governmental exchanges, enhance understanding and friendship between the people, the Namibia friendly get more public support, to achieve sustainable development. Katja Vivi said that the people of Namibia have always had a good feeling for China and thanked China for its long-term support and assistance. The Chinese side is willing to make full use of China Africa cooperation mechanism to strengthen pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, the relationship between China and the United States to a new height. The Namibia parliament is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the NPC, and actively learn from the advanced experience of the Chinese government in governing the country, to add new meaning to the traditional friendship between China and the United states. Wang Chen, vice chairman and Secretary General of the NPC Standing committee.相关的主题文章: