Yunnan Yuanmou Chengdu Kunming Railway debris flow interrupted 6 days after the resumption of new network operation in Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) 11:31 on September 23rd, because of the "9.17" Yuanmou County debris flow disaster interrupted operation 6 days of Chengdu Kunming railway, Kunming Railway Bureau, after fighting China iron and other units of the day and night, restored to normal operation. On the morning of September 17th, due to rainfall in Yuanmou County of Longchuan River cucumber under section three on the right tributary of the camp outbreak flood disaster. On the same day at 8:43, Kunming Railway Bureau Electric Engineering Section Guangtong watchman Wu Huailong according to the provisions of the rain inspections found Chengdu Kunming Railway 839 kilometers 500 meters zhubu bridge by flood impact of debris flow in Red River to the Huang Gua Yuan Railway Station, immediately notify the station stop button is heading for the 45105 train disaster site. After the mudslide, Chengdu Kunming railway line caused mudslides washed about 300 meters, bridges damaged 1, damaged contact net rod 2, Kunming to Chengdu, Xi’an, Urumqi and other more than 60 trains outage, circuitous run. After the disaster, Kunming Railway Bureau immediately launched the emergency response for a global force to repair the line, and timely adjustment of the transportation plan, to provide free services for travelers to change back. Kunming Railway Bureau and the China Railway Bureau, China Railway two bureau, China Railway Bureau and other units of eight rescue workers a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 people, mobilized excavators, loaders, cranes, large maintenance machinery and other equipment and rescue vehicles more than and 120, rushed to the scene to rescue. Has to clean up the river mud and stone 305 thousand cubic meters of soil into stone, culvert construction of concrete pavement is more than 4 thousand cubic meters, 5 16 long drainage culvert laying steel reinforcement, Zhanqiao 1, completed 500 meters railway line base, rail, signal machine, contact net rod and other equipment overhaul. As soon as possible to grab the Tongchuan Yunnan artery, the Kunming Railway Bureau after the scene investigation, study and formulate the overall plan to reopen the line, on the 6 day of the rescue process, location of the disaster occurred many times of heavy rainfall, and the outbreak of the two debris flow, rescue work to bring great resistance, all the rescue personnel to overcome the difficulties in the rain, day and night construction, efforts to promote rescue progress. By taking the laying of pipe culvert and diversion of rivers, build Zhanqiao and other measures, at noon on September 23rd opening of the temporary line, recovery of Chengdu Kunming Railway operation. Next, the Kunming Railway Bureau will not affect the safety and order of transport under the premise, in the temporary Zhanqiao next to re design and construction of steel beam bridge, so that the Sichuan Yunnan transport artery more secure. After the opening of the line, the train schedule is as follows: 1 ~ Kunming ~ K166 times, Kunming ~ K1502 times since September 23rd to restore the original road running from. September 22nd Xi’an K165 times to restore the original road running. September 21st Urumqi K1504 1 times to restore the original road running. 2 Chengdu to Kunming K113 times since September 25th to resume operations, Kunming to K114 times since the resumption of in September 26th. 3 Kunming to Chengdu K146 times since September 24th to resume operations, Chengdu to K145 times since the resumption of in September 25th. 4 Kunming to Panzhihua for the 61621 time since September 24th.相关的主题文章: