Yunnan Provincial Standing Committee convened (enlarged) conference   Moses Chan presided over the local leadership, yesterday (30 days), (Yunnan) Provincial Standing Committee convened (enlarged) meeting on the implementation of the important instructions of the central leading comrades, to further strengthen the Provincial Standing Committee team of its own construction, further implement the comprehensive strictly requirements, further strengthen the current the implementation of the work of. The meeting stressed that must be in strong leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, do not change ideas, not to change the channel, the ideological stability and stable team, with a stick and then a baton, followed by a dry, unite and lead the province at all levels of the organization and the cadres and masses, and strive to further push forward the cause of Yunnan. Provincial Party Secretary and governor Moses Chan chaired the meeting. The meeting conveyed August 26th the Political Bureau of the central conference, study the province to implement the advice, stressed the need to consider the reality of Yunnan, strengthen the construction of medical institutions at all levels, improve the province’s health level; to adhere to the combination of prevention and treatment, prevention, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle; to grasp the reform of health system, "three medicine" good health linkage battle; to strengthen the work of health and medical and health work, lay a solid foundation for the construction of health in Yunnan. The meeting stressed the need to further strengthen the Provincial Standing Committee of the team’s own construction, efforts to forge a strong loyalty to clean leadership collective. Take the lead to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series and important speech of Yunnan, the implementation of the "five basic", to strengthen the four self-confidence; should take the lead to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, resolutely safeguard the Party Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of this core, in thought political action on the same as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent; to take the lead in implementing the regulations on the work of local Party committee, provincial Party committee "to improve the ability of orientation and the overall situation, make decisions, guarantee the implementation of" to take the lead; inspire officer entrepreneurial passion, accountability, take practical action to lead the cadres people should take the lead in advance; maintain clean and honest Communists political qualities, and resolutely put it in front of discipline and rules, for the party organizations at all levels And the majority of Party members and cadres, set up a good example of benchmarking. The meeting stressed that to further implement the comprehensive strict requirements, and strive to create a delicate gas is the pioneer of political ecology and political environment. Strictly adhere to the ideological education, work hard on their ideals and faith; strictly adhere to the system of the party, all serious party political life and political ecology purify the party; strictly adhere to improve the style, perseverance to implement the spirit of the eight Central provisions; strictly adhere to the organization construction, the construction of high-quality cadres loyal to play clean "; adhere to the grass-roots party construction work strictly enhance the frontier minority area of the grass-roots party construction work scientific level; to strictly punish corruption, maintain clean and honest Communists political qualities; insist on the implementation of the responsibility to ensure that the work of Party construction into effect. The meeting stressed that at present, various departments at all levels should grasp development priority task, focus on steady growth and development, expand the opening to the outside, to improve the employment and livelihood security level, maintaining social harmony and stability of the fall)相关的主题文章: