"Yun Zhi" magic lying   chase drama new posture fresh – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn starring Li Yifeng costume drama "Qingyun Xian Xia Zhi" is hit. Careful users found fanyao two people not only mind getting through, even lying posture to become the same magic. Where a couple of "Xiao Yao lie", "strength" interpretation of Baguio sitting standing is better than sitting, sitting as the paralysis, Zhennai chase drama posture necessary, two people with a face of voice also rising. "Xiao Wo" popular network innocent gestures brainwashing artifact of Zhang Xiaofan lying posture real innocent, adorable cute appearance in "Qingyun Zhi" is one of the highlights. Being talented friends of various brain hole wide open by the God PS, Zhang Xiaofan transformed, costume male god Li Yifeng enters a variety of movie posters, contracted at all times and in all countries a variety of scenarios, there is no sense of violation and mosaic, elegant style of the people laughing. Want to learn the strong adaptability of "small lie", need to have the following three points: first, an elbow bend supporting body; second, on the other hand the natural place in front of the chest; third, leg movements at random. In short, the overall style is to reflect the baby is wronged ". Interpretation of Li Yifeng’s "small lie", with adorable innocent eyes, swinging in the wind "to be" adorable, turned a public users, causing the craze to imitate. The opera new posture friends shouted together "Xiao Wo" popular network when leading fanyao, the same magic "Baguio sit constantly hot". The play, fanyao feelings gradually clear, although still playfully Baguio stubborn, but normally a small move has revealed his miss Zhang Xiaofan’s teenage mind; and honest sentimental Zhang Xiaofan, inadvertently also aware of their own for extra care and miss baguio. In the play, two people are not straightforward to show that now, but a playfully, an innocent gesture is simply the main CP. Users have shouted: "a lie, this is the latest couple opera poses?", "so the two toxic fast together!" Li Yifeng high value interpretation of "Xiao Yan willful lie", honey wronged posture popular network, also confirmed its high popularity side. In addition, Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio in the play made of sugar, "Xiao lie" and "what will sit Baguio" after love interaction, also attracted the audience anticipation. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: