Yangzhou’s first community wisdom endowment start   real-time monitoring of the health of the elderly — people.com.cn Jiangsu window — people.com.cn original title: Yangzhou’s first community wisdom endowment start large screen real-time monitoring real-time monitoring of the elderly people living the rest of the staff of community living. Liu Fengsheng photo original title: urban community endowment the first wisdom yesterday launched yesterday is the Double Ninth Festival, three city bridge community officially launched the community endowment wisdom. As the wisdom of old-age service system in the city’s first building, the community in the area of the screening of 20 people over the age of 80 elderly people living alone as the first object of experience in their daily life, living and health, all in the "control". The old man lives and health can monitor the wisdom of the pension community, also known as intelligent virtual nursing home, said very iffy, reporters yesterday found the experience in the Internet field, advanced technical support, it is very simple to use. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the three bridge community wisdom pension information platform on the big screen, a large screen can also see 4 old people’s living conditions at home, the old lady sitting in the bedroom, reading on the hands of leaflets; another woman is home in the table while eating, sitting next to an old man on crutches. The community staff responsible for real-time monitoring of the old woman said, just back from the community, may be hungry, the old man is her next door neighbor. For the children of the elderly, the mobile phone "Guardian cloud" APP, you can view real-time parents in a variety of situations at home, such as location, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, just click on any one of them, can be real-time awareness, reporters click one of the APP children’s heart rate, real time data immediately jump out. These data are collected through the old wrist watch to intelligent health monitoring, and the watch also has a function is designed to provide for the old people, it is a "12349" key pension service hotline call function, the old man just click the side key, "12349" can provide medical services such as maintenance, etc.. 20 elderly people living alone into the first experience of reporters from the three bridge community learned that the community residents aged over 60 accounted for more than 40% of the resident population, about 2200 people, which accounted for 55% of the empty nest. There are 90 people over the age of 7; over the age of 80 to reach 216 people, most of their children are not around. In addition, the community area for the enterprise dormitory area, residents live and work together for decades, with a very high degree, most of them are not willing to go to the old-age pension institutions; some elderly people and children although advanced in age, live in the elevator area, convenient transportation, they don’t want to live with their children, because of a move in the past, talking there is no man. In order to solve the above problems, three bridge community in the city to start the construction of wisdom pension service system, is currently in the pilot stage, the first in the area of the screening of 20 people over the age of 80 elderly people living alone as the first experience object, to begin the installation of intelligent nursing system, from January this year to yesterday, wisdom endowment all)相关的主题文章: