Xining buddy high-speed driving on this walk – Qinghai Channel – original title: Xining buddy drive high-speed walk – high-speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang to small gorge is closed – Construction of the high-speed Beijing Tibet from Xining to Datong, Huangyuan – south direction normal traffic highway, West Street, East Dogru Minhe Road Interchange today the opening tomorrow is the National Day vacation, highway for 7 or less (including 7) of the small passenger car toll free policy implementation. This kind of convenient travel conditions but the last this year, presumably a lot of people will use this last chance to go out to play a lot, but the problem has cropped up, during the National Day this year to the high-speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang small gorge closed construction, the most familiar way this year but do not go into it, this year how to go to the city of Xining in the end? Do not worry, this newspaper for you to draw travel map. Beijing Tibet high-speed Xining to Datong, Huangyuan direction is also due to the need for construction, the Beijing Tibet high-speed Chaoyang to the small gap in September 20th 0 to 0 at the end of December 20th will be fully closed construction. This means that during the National Day holiday Beijing Tibet high-speed this section is not going to become. But it does not mean that Beijing Tibet high-speed all across the board can not pass. Beijing Tibet high-speed Xining to Datong, Huangyuan direction is still normal passage. In other words, during the National Day holiday want to chase, Huangyuan, Qinghai Lake scenic area of the public, or can choose Beijing Tibet highway traffic. However, it should be noted that the Nanjing high-speed access to the Beijing Tibet high-speed airport, Lanzhou direction of the ramp is closed, therefore, the planning of this line of people still choose to cancel it from your bar. In addition, the construction of high-speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang to small gorge does not affect the level of highway and Ning Ning mutual expensive high-speed traffic, want to go to Guide, Kumbum Monastery in Huzhu Beishan or during the National Day holiday, people can rest assured that the two high-speed traffic. Please choose to Haidongde high-speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang to small gorge South Ring Expressway closed construction means the high-speed Beijing Tibet from Xining to east direction is completely unable to walk. The going public the Haidong area? Don’t worry, we still have the South Ring expressway. South East beltway highway caojiabao West, west of Huangzhong county and Zha Ma Long Cun Xi Huang highway. So, want to go to Huangyuan, Qinghai Lake of the public can also choose to go south ring expressway. But if you want to go into the high speed Haidong region, then you can choose the South Ring Expressway. Of course, take 109 National Road is also a choice. 30, the southern Beltway three interchange will be opened in comparison to the Beijing Tibet expressway, South Ring Expressway for many people is still a little strange, a lot of people do not know how to enter the south from the city ring expressway. A total of 7 South Ring Expressway interchange is connected with the urban road, from east to West in yanggouwan Dong min and road intercommunication, interoperability, interoperability, Shen Zhai Huang Zhong Lu, Tonghai Road Interchange, interchange West Street Interchange, interchange dogru. At present, with the opening of the exchange has yanggouwan intercommunication and interoperability, Huang Zhong Lu Shen Zhai, Tonghai Road Interchange interchange. According to reporters from the South Ring Expressway Project Office)相关的主题文章: