The revolution of 1911 and exhibition held in kind donations – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, October 10 in Wuhan (reporter Cao Xufeng) to commemorate the 105 anniversary of the 2016 revolution of 1911 Revolution in kind donations and donation Exhibition "10 days in Wuhan revolution museum. The same day, from Chinese collectors association, the Chinese American collectors association, Taiwan Xinhai Wuchang comrades in 27 groups, 108 private collections of private collectors donated by the revolution of 132 objects (sets), participated in the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into the paper books, Vientiane, people flow years "gold", to commemorate the four parts of the republic. The 1911 Revolution has donated real literature, coins, postcards, tickets, sparks, commemorative porcelain and celebrity calligraphy etc.. Among them, the literature and the spark is the donation highlights, such as the 1912 new China Book bureau published "letters", 1912 vice president Li Edwin Dingell? "Chinese revolution in mind: 1911 – 1912" (English Edition), 1912 British John? "In recent China Rand the incident and now the policy" (English version) etc.. The donor community representatives, Guangdong province collectors association chairman Chen Shaoxiang said that the real collectors at home and abroad have devoted many years of passion and hard work, highlighting the donors inheritance spirit, heart of righteousness righteousness hot feelings. The 1911 Revolution in Wuhan Museum relevant departments in charge of Hu Wei, donated to build a bridge real communication and cooperation between museums and private collections groups, private collectors, the people at home and abroad and the martyrs across the hundred years of spiritual dialogue". This activity by the KMT Central Committee Liaison Department, the Hubei provincial government counselor, Guangdong provincial government counselor, Hubei Provincial Department of culture, Wuhan Municipal Cultural Bureau, Hubei provincial Counselor Association organized activities. The donation has been held for five consecutive years since 2012. (end)相关的主题文章: