Xing Aowei Golf show large gymnastics stars cheer – good harvest began in 23 sports Sohu, has achieved good results in the day before the Xing Aowei 2016 Mission Hills World Star game, in a new day before kick-off the mood is good, wearing pink pants slim on the tee he should show a gymnastics. Drew the audience chorus. Yesterday, before the amateur gymnastics world champion Xing Aowei and the same group of Swedish golfer Anna? Nord kvist, Manchester United star singer Man Wenjun Lee? SHARP, Chinese cooperation, work together to create a high score of 115 points, get ahead. The 23 day at 9:50 PM, Xing Aowei wore a pink slim pants he’s in a good mood, smiling and Mission Hills Group Vice President Zhu Dingyao and the same group of players say hello. After a brief greeting, Xing Aowei was in good spirits on the tee delicate gymnastics, gymnastics difficult few skilled and handsome instantly attracted the audience especially female fans screaming. After the bones of Xing Aowei after the kick-off event is also very good, one shot out, immediately won the Swedish champion Anna Nuo Dekui? Ivester et al applauded! Along with the Haikou lake over the blue sky and white clouds, believe that good mood Xing Aowei can get good results, it is understood that from the beginning of 2005, Xing Aowei bid farewell to gymnastics after another, find pleasure in golf extension movement on the pitch, he love the golf movement, also became Woods and Mikkelsen Golf superstar admirers. Xing Aowei sports IQ or as high as ever, had played more than and 80 good results. He put the outstanding skills of golf as the best way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature: "the sun shines, while chatting while walking exercise, which for me is really a very wonderful movement."相关的主题文章: