Xiaoyi Chen’s 16 year old son Meiqingmuxiu exposure photograph like mom (Figure) son Xiaoyi Chen photo Phoenix Network Entertainment News November 1st, well-known blogger Changchun China World Trade Center "exposed a group of photos of actress Xiaoyi Chen son on the internet. It is reported that Xiaoyi Chen was with the TV series "Wailai Mei" became popular, then starred in the TV drama "old house" and actor Liu Ning met, and later married and had a son named iron eggs. Xiaoyi Chen and his son had in advertising now iron eggs is 16 years old, a boy he looks handsome, good facial features between the genetic gene of mother. It is reported that iron eggs from an early age showed a talent show, first appearance or in a ad he and my mother shot, the little guy in front of the camera, lovely, no stage fright. At that time, Xiaoyi Chen in the drama propaganda or attend various activities also love his son with him, iron eggs became the highest rate of exposure of "star two generation". The son of Xiaoyi Chen Xiaoyi Chen and friends photo related: eat good hair sweater with Hot pot youth time: 2015 01 month 18 days to source: Phoenix Entertainment Xiaoyi Chen short hair style (map) recently, Xiaoyi Chen was photographed with the actors and director of friends have appeared alone in her Hot pot, dressed in jeans and capable short hair comb. Sport sweater, youth flavor, was busy filling the big sister style. Xiaoyi Chen: talk about family and son called "buddies" parents let my heart soft Xiaoyi Chen for the audience, is familiar with the affinity, the strength of the actors. Her appearance seems to confirm a sentence: Women forty-one flowers. Beautiful, elegant, natural, elegant, and so many years, while Xiaoyi Chen is acting, while mothers. Talking with his son, Xiaoyi Chen face a happy smile, feeling is the son of your collection: "small baby in front of the camera was not a bit nervous, and now his son is 14 years old, height 179cm, is a big boy." "I told my son usually with the elder brothers, like other parents of children rarely talk we will compare sincere words and earnest wishes, equality, if I say sensational words, he will feel disgusting." With his son Xiaoyi Chen in the face of parents address each other as brothers, the heart is very soft. "I am the only child, then leave home to Beijing in the play, mother took me to the station to go home, see my clothes at home, she can not stand, crying into tears, my father is looking at the plane. Parents love is so strong, always with me." That said, the past independent self-reliance Xiaoyi Chen also red eyes. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: