Xiantao han to steal steal the whole family, old and young man with multiple pieces of clothing for theft alarm useless electronic device with buckle police figure mother, wife and children, father, aunt to Wuhan holiday Xiantao man Xiong, originally planned to go shopping in Optics Valley with the whole family, old and young, can see the shops are full of people, a salesperson busy scene, the family a total: while many people lack what what it stole! In addition to driving father sitting in the car did not participate, a bear with her mother and aunt wife, holding a child, one family division, Optics Valley launched a tour of shoplifting. All of this is a panoramic view of Optics Valley police Fanpa, road tracking, follow them into 8 stores, witnessed the process of the theft gang after nearly 4 hours, captured all. Do not look at the clothes shop for 16 days at 2 pm, East Lake high-tech Public Security Bureau Fanpa squadron of police Liu Jiaxin with pocketing players, in the pedestrian street of Optics Valley for a period of inspections, one carrying a shoulder bag of purple middle-aged woman caught his attention, "steal people love most in this bag when the cover is placed. It is not conspicuous, and can block the view." Just staring at the purple women pocketing players, a short haired woman with a baby in her arms also came, two people went into the street on the third floor of a clothing store. In the store, the two middle-aged women do not like other shopping people choose clothes, but also observe the location of the clerk, and then to the local people to drill. After five or six minutes, the two out of the store, Carrefour supermarket to the direction of the passage. Not a moment, a pair of young men and women to the two middle-aged woman walked over, purple women will carry things in the bag into the young man in the hands of the bag, the young woman will take over from the hands of women children with short hair, and then together with the young man, the bag got the first floor underground parking lot. Found behind Fanpa players, the couple will bag into a black car Honda accord sedan, the car cab sat a middle-aged man. After the thing is put away, the man and the woman are holding the child back to the pedestrian street in Optics Valley to meet the two middle-aged women. From the "Spanish" steal "Italy" is divided into multiple marking pocketing players: the way players stay in the underground parking lot at a black Honda car, passers-by stared at the young men and women, there is a road team watched the two groups of middle-aged woman. After this line of 4 people together, eyeing a shop on the combination of the 22, take turns to go into the implementation of theft, they start from the beginning of the Optics Valley pedestrian street, along the Spanish style street all the way around the past. Many people see the children’s clothing stores such as Cohen baby, baby bear, this group of people would go in and around a circle, see the right shoes, clothes, men will come up with iron absorption from the fastener, the electronic goods on the deduction, and then into the bag to bring out, trademark clothes directly to the bar code tear up the trademark, all the way down, the alarm shop not once sounded. In addition to stealing children’s clothes, shoes, this group of people has entered the hot air, FOREVER21, Sanford and many other well-known chain stores, by taking the way of tearing up the trademark buckle in the dressing room, the clothes.相关的主题文章: