Xiamen snacks are southern Putuo gold cake and Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay Sauce according to Xinhua News Agency 18, the first gold medal China tourist snacks selection results were announced and awards, 200 won the gold medal Chinese travel snacks". In this selection, a total of two Xiamen Tourism Awards are South Putuo snacks, cake and Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay sauce. China Tourism Association, China Association of Turist Hotel in Beijing jointly organized the first China gold medal tour awards ceremony. It is understood, according to the "comprehensive coverage, own characteristics through the" multi "principle, vigorously mobilize corporate voluntary reporting, step by step, territorial recommended" preliminary recommended procedures, the country’s 31 provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps recommended a total of more than 300 famous dishes in this selected. Ningquewulan, selecting the best, taking into account the geographical characteristics and representativeness, Chinese Tourism Association, China Turist Hotel Industry Association, Chinese Cuisine Association invited cooking and catering, hotel industry, tourism colleges and other industry experts judges, repeated discussions, joint efforts, based on "popular breakfast, supper and other special food" added "ambiguous, not three" selection conditions, which can provide on-site production, can Gongtang food, leisure food and cakes, Cereals, vegetable or popular entrees such as, not as a tourist snacks". Finally, three times after the comprehensive review, public notice, strict examination and approval procedures, 200 Chinese travel snacks won the "gold medal", highlighting the regional characteristics, culture, security, stability, popularization, high efficiency and good reputation. It is reported that the selection of the National Tourism Administration aims to implement the "515 strategy", to promote the Chinese food culture, dig folk traditional cuisines, creating distinctive catering brand, is a good opportunity to Chinese tourism and catering industry to demonstrate its quality and characteristics, can effectively enhance the tourism catering brand awareness, and promote the healthy development of tourism and catering industry the. South Putuo vegetarian cake. – Southern Putuo cake: Xiamen special snack, "Xiamen cake first" reputation, is the southern region of the traditional snacks. Have been awarded the "China name" award, a famous specialty of Xiamen, the Chinese time-honored, there are green beans, coconut, pumpkin, taro and other flavors. Ice crisp skin, that is the entrance, the fillings are soft and sweet and not greasy, moderate sweetness. Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay sauce. Wu Zaitian: noodles with satay sauce noodles with satay sauce is a famous snack in Xiamen oil and high streets and back lanes, the vegetables in boiling water boiled fish into the bowl, poured into the hot Shacha soup. Finally, by adding seasoning preferences, bean products, large intestine, blood meters, then pour a spoonful of chili oil, eat spicy smell, with great eloquence. Noodles with satay sauce Wu Zaitian snack bar is very famous in Xiamen, Xiamen by the local people and visitors alike. Read the full text of this article is reproduced, does not represent the views of Xiamen (micro-blog). Xiamen network (micro-blog) for its text, pictures and other content of authenticity, timeliness, integrity and accuracy and its right attributes are not any guarantees and commitments, the reader and the relevant parties to verify.相关的主题文章: