Women’s dissatisfaction with the nose effect pofen wounded doctor jailed for a year – Beijing – reporter Han Jingwei the woman Xu Changyi because of dissatisfaction with the effect of augmentation rhinoplasty, put a bucket of shit on the doctor Sohn home and beat to minor injuries. In September 23rd, reporters from Xuchang city learned Weidu District Court, the court ultimately sentenced to intentional injury Wu defendant sentenced to imprisonment in 1 years (2 years probation). Amy has been dissatisfied with his nose. February 2016, after repeatedly asked, Wu found the work of medical institutions, decided to implement rhinoplasty surgery. But after surgery, Wu has repeatedly said that the feeling of discomfort in the nose area, but also the effect of surgery is not satisfied. After communicating with the sun without fruit, she contacted Sohn claims. But Sohn has been avoided. Wu to the sun in front of the phone to the sun, Sohn said he was on a business trip, and Wu sun moving through the house out at home listening. Under a small Wu ran a public toilet, with a plastic bucket idle, scoop a bucket of manure to return home at Sohn, Sohn door splash. Sohn came out to stop, and Wu dispute. Plastic bucket Wu holding device of a sun dung Lun, which Sohn left hand fracture. After judicial appraisal, Sohn suffered minor damage level two. Subsequently, Wu surrendered to the public security bureau. The court held that the Wu for chores intentionally causing bodily harm, causing minor injuries, his behavior has constituted the crime of intentional injury, surrender by Wu, after appearing in court pleaded guilty repentance, a lighter punishment, the court then made the decision. Clues provided by Li Pei Zhao Shiwei相关的主题文章: