With her daughter Zhang Ziyi appeared Toronto fans and security conflict (Figure) – nearly Beijing Zhang Ziyi micro-blog. In new network on 9 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, 2015 movie star Zhang Ziyi and singer Wang Feng married in December of the same year gave birth to her daughter, "wake up" until the recent resumption of postpartum recuperation. She was invited to the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival, the film festival as the only female judges. The day before her low-key arrived at Toronto City Centre Airport, attracted many fans at the airport, did not expect the chaos, let the airport guard a conflict with the fans. Zhang Ziyi on the morning of 8, wearing a black sportswear, wearing a white hat, a white scarf, low-key VIP channel arrived at Toronto City Centre Airport, I did not expect just stepped out of the forbidden area, it was surrounded by the local media and fans, is the daughter of the accident have peers wake up. The airport guard in order to avoid fans pushed Zhang Ziyi and her daughter, constantly asking fans to "calm down", but the fans but not discouraged, have pushed forward autograph, almost scuffled with security. After Zhang Ziyi had sat on the car arrangement, kindly back for autographs, fans continue to Chinese said to her "I love you", one of the foreign fans "please help me" in the "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon signature poster!" Zhang Ziyi took the poster, smiled and said: "this is correct," ambush "oh." It is reported that, in order to judge Zhang Ziyi will stay in Toronto for 12 days, because the reluctant daughter, so the daughter with me personally take care of, but this has not been husband Wang Feng.相关的主题文章: