Wild the Great Wall into a trail of cultural relics protection can not be trial and error of the original title: wild the Great Wall into a trail of cultural relics protection can not be trial recently, one of the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall was put into cement" the news sparked heated debate. Photo shows the national security unit has 700 years of history, known as the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall" in Liaoning Suizhong small estuary of the Great Wall, with walls and the ground for a period of one or two kilometers is smooth, undulating walls and wild style was replaced by surface hardening. From the photos, the wild the Great Wall has been smooth, undulating wall brick and the original ground completely disappeared. This can not help but want to ask: This is your repair units in the repair of the the Great Wall, or the construction of the tour? You can run on it! Logically, for restoration of cultural relics should follow strict procedures, from the planning to the construction of a ring ring. Said the small estuary of the Great Wall it, from the county, city, provincial level reported repair plans and programs, and finally approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage, in order to repair the program. In this process, there are many problems can be found. As a result, repair is completed so a ghost like. How, in the examination and approval, the construction process, various experts and officials what checks? Judge this section of the Great Wall was playing bad, there is no need to protect the cultural heritage. And do not say "repair old as the old" this principle, can not be changed completely after the restoration of cultural relics, the reason I’m afraid even the construction personnel should know? Then, the original approval of the project have said will do this, or that the scheme of aliasing in the construction process? Here’s the reason should not be difficult to investigate it? Even if the wrong, the authorities seem to be reluctant to admit. According to the Beijing News reported that the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of cultural relics Ding Hui said that the the Great Wall is indeed a small estuary in accordance with the program to repair, the entire renovation process is reasonable and legitimate, the process is no problem. But he also admitted that really do not look good". This is where the problem is good or not, it is clear that the artifacts suffered barbaric repair, the problem of vandalism. Step back and say, repair plan is no problem, the construction process is no problem, the relics were destroyed, so who should bear responsibility? Heritage is the witness of history, if anyone can not recognize the new things, but also called artifacts? This is not to say that the cultural relics can not repair, but the protection of cultural relics without trial and error, can not easily. Not to say that today, and tomorrow will be able to change back. Once the wrong, on the cultural relics itself is probably the crowning calamity. Because of this, any cultural relics repair and protection programs have to be very careful argument, not allowed to make mistakes. But the lessons from the failure of the mouth of the the Great Wall, at least the local cultural relics departments did not perform their duties. Otherwise, why repair until two years after the completion of the exposure until the user found the problem? The latest news, for a small estuary of the Great Wall "levelled" report, the State Administration of cultural heritage has instructed the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau of investigation and verification, and sent emergency rushed to the scene to check assessment. The Great Wall is the reason for repairing wild wild, I believe that soon to come out, but this wild the Great Wall can "repair old as the old"? Source: Evening News相关的主题文章: