Where will the old man always only cheat light health news savings (correspondent Fan Qi Chen Mingan) on October 27th, by Ningshan County Public Security Bureau, the hotel industry such as video surveillance system, a major theft case cracked Health City Public Security Bureau supervision, arrested 1 suspects and seized stolen money 4000 yuan. September 28th 9 am, Ningshan County Public Security Bureau received Zhen Han Ba Cun Xiamou Chengguan police said: the Passbook Deposits by others paid more than 19000 yuan, request the public security organs to investigate. Police heard the police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out on-site investigation and investigation visits. Xiamou frail and have certain mental disorders, police patiently asked understand that in September this year, a middle-aged man surnamed Xia to his house to play the night, sweet and lovely after climbing gained their trust, an excuse to the county the passbook deposit shopping to steal after fleeing to Xiamou, to the bank teller when we know the cheated. The victim of a single summer, low-income vulnerable groups, life only labor savings stolen, after the incident reflects strong society. The Municipal Public Security Bureau will be the case as the handling of cases. The county government also asked the public security bureau to solve the case quickly loss of stolen goods pull, ZhuiZang will suffer the masses to reduce the losses to a minimum. The police feel judged row visits, the transfer of bank and road video surveillance, personnel trajectory, hotel industry system, policy and management to carry out the investigation. After a lot of Mopai visits and comprehensive analysis, to determine the true identity for claiming to be surnamed Xia in Hanyin county Wang, after the crime has escaped. Wang Department of single, perennial in the outflow of channeling drift, of no fixed abode, erratic, and disable the mobile phone after the incident. The police did not discouraged, the suspect Wang escape route Hanyin, Shiquan, Hanzhoung city and other places to find the line Mopai visit tracking arrest, after hard besieged in October 27th 15 months of waiting will Ba Zhen Sha Ping Cun River Foping County fled to Hanzhoung in an abandoned house Wang captured the suspect and seized proceeds of more than 4000 yuan. After the interrogation, Wang confessed in early September had fled to the service work of Ningshan County remote villages scattered farmers, select old retarded villagers blandishments climbing knowledge, after obtaining the trust for theft. Wang thinks the registration used is picked up "liumoumou" ID to Xiamou self introduction said all is false, but it is not a native of Ningshan, the police never doubt to his head, can spend money to enjoy unpunished. Never thought the Ningshan police will find tracking, be arrested. The day before, the suspect Wang has been arrested for theft Ningshan County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (Health News) Note: video only for extended reading. Shanxi men three women cheated sweet talk相关的主题文章: