What is the network of Feminism: from the only child generation "Mulan dilemma" [Abstract] some time due to chance, a large number of only child family education from childhood, which is shaped as the spirit and skills of double meaning Nvbannanzhuang Mulan. Unfortunately, the final marriage constitutes the ultimate criterion for their life. In the end, many opera by Mulan for the father story as the theme of the film and television drama, animation, tend to reproduce the "Mulan" article at the end of the dramatic scene, "when window manage cloud to mirror decals yellow. Look out the fire, the fire are scared busy." At this moment, Mulan put on the dress, change back to a woman, symbolically ending her disguise male identity, but also to end all responsibility and fate associated with this identity, and eventually find a lover to get emotional. This has become the creator and audience in mind, can be arranged for the heroine of the most appropriate outcome. At the end of as many romantic novels, fairy tales at the grand wedding, of every hue Mulan stories are invariably stay in the most beautiful and feminine as the heroine of the brilliant moment, but in this moment, she will face what kind of fate, in what kind of difficulties, it is not is concerned, will not be told. Internet novel "Mulan no elder brother", is another way to show the reader to understand the life of Mulan after a home. The novel, which is linked with the trend of "cyber feminism", reflects the real situation of the only daughter, and causes another round of reflection and pursuit of women’s historical subjectivity. "I take off my wartime robe, my old clothes": "the network only child generation" the reality of the situation of "Mulan" no elder brother heroine, was born in the modern female forensic He Mulan, a fortuitous accident, put her through to over thirty years old, unemployed in the home of Mulan. Unfortunately this heroine witnessed the darkest moments in life. No there is no martial arts as a symbol of war in ancient China, she has to male identity "Twelve sunghun turn", after her return to her daughter, and all the useless things. She was forced to marry a widower, and, like the butcher blind, and her innate divine plain, in the marriage market in No one shows any interest in. From "Nvbannanzhuang", "for the father" to "older 3S lady", "to love", this helpless life trajectory, and almost as a "female" network literature mainstream readers only child generation completely overlap, their life experience is a repetition. In "Mulan", the reason Mulan Nvbannanzhuang, for the father is described as "father has no son, Magnolia no brother". No brother, younger brother, this is Mulan’s difficulties. Right now, the only child generation, from the date of birth, destined to birth their unborn brother and younger brother never disguised as a man, for the father. In a family where there is no male offspring, the only female offspring will sometimes take up the responsibility of the male offspring in order to protect the family property under the patriarchal property rights. Therefore, the only child in the family, the traditional family took over the sex differentiation mode of family education also gradually began to collapse:相关的主题文章: