Wenzhou traffic accident both sides Sike did not expect 1 fake driver’s license 1 drug-related yesterday, Wenzhou city traffic accident, the parties had a Sike in the end position, but in the end, two people are afraid to speak. This is: both Sike in the end, all show rather; in-depth understanding of traffic police, the original has a handle! Yesterday at 2 pm, the city of cattle Hill Road intersection Hengtang railway bridge, a car had been parked on the north side of the zebra crossing by taxi started, with the west of the oncoming truck, a collision in the corner. The taxi hit the front part serious, on the spot before the insurance rack hit off. After the incident, the two sides of the driver to get off the theory, at the beginning of the two people are reluctant to report to the police, want to private. Who knows, talk about talking about collapse, and finally alerted the police. City Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police told people after primary teacher, they alarm rushed to the scene, after a preliminary investigation, it was determined with car damage accident. But the two sides have been accused of each other at the scene, refused to cooperate with them. In order to figure out the reason, the police asked the two sides to produce a driver’s license to be checked. Unexpectedly, the inspection results surprising — taxi driver Sohn (Sichuan) driver’s license to produce a forgery, the police system no his driving license records; truck driver Zhou (Sichuan), is holding the B2 driving license, but it is a drug-related personnel. Currently, the traffic police department has been on the investigation and handling of the accident.相关的主题文章: