"Us" Sun Yang Zhang Jike Sheenah met the king monkey crash Sina entertainment news last night Hunan TV, "we have come to the" broadcast of the ninth phase of the program, all the guests came to the beautiful city of Dalian, in two to join the Olympic Games surprise God Sun Yang, Zhang Jike together, this brought about by the development of the coastal city of romance. In this phase of the program, from the yacht to feed the seagulls adventure, exciting motorboat racing, from the test of tolerance of the beach barefoot relay, the fluorescent "program group to stay well built idol home, the stars and the sea has close contact. All the programs are in line with the local characteristics of Dalian, so that the stars to experience the depth of a variety of waterfront culture, but also once again show the beauty of Oriental women’s civilization, the purpose of the program. After the broadcast, TV viewers refer to fun, show itself by the majority of users praise. Fancy table tennis laughs as "Monkey King" Sun Yang joined this Friday, "we have come to the" to the "romantic" Dalian, guests in Dalian this beautiful city, feel and experience this coastal city brings unique charm. Table tennis men of God Zhang Jike’s surprise to join, let the stars surprised, the team also for Zhang Jike and the stars for a table tennis game full of wit and humour, and during Zhang Jike against Sheenah and Jiang Yiyan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] "the cherry sisters" turned "Pong goddess". A smash strength, make Zhang Jike be startled at; and domineering Liu did not follow the routine play, in preparation for the game, the game actually declined, and Zhang Jike took out a mobile phone to take a picture, attracted all the guests laugh. In the interest of table tennis in Sun Yang "Monkey King" on the line, in the course of the game to "bad", in Yuan Hong [micro-blog] against Zhang Jike, with a sonic attack and throw the ball to destroy Yuan Hong’s play, Yuan Hong had to let Joe Chen [micro-blog] and Sheenah tried to stop him. Sun Yang met in the Yuan Hong case and cannot touch anything, but this time he was self defeating, Yuan Hong was not affected, to avoid the perfect victory. In the modulation of table tennis penalty drinks, Sun Yang opened "little devil" mode, as the stars of a modulation to swallow punishment drink, then "not satisfied" during the game and he stole to the table, once again join the super concentrated garlic juice, full of "magic". As a referee, Sun Yang clung to the "no fair and unfair" attitude, caused outrage, stars Joe Chen and Sheenah repeatedly reported his serious bias, but he rejected all chicanery. The final Sun Yang conspiracy to succeed, the red team lost, he accepted carefully modulated "delicious" drinks. After the broadcast, the netizen called "" we have come to the "funny, lovely Sun Yang bursting, strong sense of variety!" The stars appeared the cool summer party fluorescence creative in this sweltering summer, fresh and vibrant goddesses appeared. In the thrill of launching a motorboat tournament, Xi Mengyao and Sun Yang riding a motorboat, combination of natural beauty and seductive handsome legs full; Sheenah and Zhang Jike two people on the road, encountered new disturbing crash accident, the breathtaking);相关的主题文章: