Wang Feng, "the first grade" when the teacher Mencius Yi sing collapse – Sohu entertainment   Wang Feng back; "the first grade" Sohu "entertainment news this week will usher in the first grade" cruel music screening test, tutors who have invited foreign aid to help guide. Popular male god William Chan, and superboy recovery appeared together, and help students in classes respectively. The handsome men of God who appeared in "the first grade", so many fans waiting. Famous rock musician Wang Feng’s debut, let viewers have said the next program tread on air, the expected value of burst table. Wang Feng when the teacher to do before the guidance of students eager to express the performance of the teacher in person, "first grade" dormitory apartment, so that teachers and students are shocked by Wang Feng. In the trailer, Wang Feng surprise appearance, smiling, so users can not help but quipped, "we see a peak teacher who, so happy, happy to stop." Don’t know what the teacher Wang Feng so happy, but the students see the idol of the thrill and excitement of the audience is. Music screening exam soon, what is more exciting than to see Wang Feng students? Although the first idol, the students are a bit nervous, but Wang Feng’s humor quickly narrowed the distance between each other. The chorus, "swing" together, let the dormitory turned the rock music of the ocean. A lot of students is to seize the opportunity to show their voice, Wang Feng strongly praised the teacher. Wang Feng, a cheerful mood, but also to the scene to give students a guide before the game to encourage students to relax, easy to deal with. Meng Ziyi suffered another crisis Wang Feng said powerless in the first episode, because singing problems encountered Huanjiao storm Meng Ziyi, music is also a crisis screening test. The face of teacher Wang Feng, the courage to sing for help. However, in the face of wuyinbuquan Meng Ziyi, Wang Feng also said that there is no way, upright place added, "if this song is not because I wrote it, I couldn’t come out." Such a sharp tongued comment, so many users to guess out of the object set may be Mencius meaning. "When Mencius Yi joined Nortel campus Belle" recently released Hunan TV reality show "the first grade" news, we all feel that this is the mango to hold new. However, with the broadcast of the show, netizens are ignorant collective circle. In the first episode, Meng Ziyi would have been the majority of users are bad, and Yu Shuxin was named "the death of sisters". The second set, it is facing a crisis of elimination. Can not help but wonder, what happened in the end? The new generation of flowers just a formality? What is the program group in the sale of drugs, it is now impossible to know, can only wait for the back of the broadcast program.相关的主题文章: