Unified environmental monitoring system built in five years to reduce human intervention data of the original title: unified environmental monitoring system built in five years of reporter Jia Ting recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "13th Five-Year" environmental monitoring quality management plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan "), provides a basic guideline for" 13th Five-Year "in the work of environment monitoring quality management. Yesterday, the Ministry of environmental protection on the interpretation of the program, China’s current environmental monitoring quality management system on the existing "assessment, who who monitored" phenomenon, the local environmental protection departments "as both player and referee, in all kinds of examination pressure, administrative intervention data quality large impulse. In order to regulate the environmental monitoring, Ministry of environmental protection will actively promote the national surveillance powers. To "13th Five-Year" at the end, will be fully completed in ambient air, surface water and soil ecological environmental monitoring quality control system. To reduce human intervention monitoring data according to the Ministry of environmental protection environmental monitoring department of the person in charge, with the in-depth implementation of the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention action plan, improving environmental management as the core of the transformation has put forward new and higher requirements for the quality of environmental monitoring in environmental quality. At the same time, environmental monitoring quality management itself is also facing some problems to be solved. Due to the institutional mechanism is not smooth, there is assessment who, who monitor phenomenon, the local environmental protection department, both when the athletes and referees, in a variety of assessment pressure, the greater the quality of administrative intervention data quality. In order to solve the current problems, the program put forward five major tasks, the fifteen specific measures. In September 2016, launched the national 338 prefecture level city 1436 monitoring powers to close work, the state environmental air automatic station as of November 6th, the handover work has been basically completed. At the same time, section 2767 monitoring in environmental protection department has launched the national surface water (including 1940 as the assessment section) pilot powers to close, by the Chinese direct management of environmental monitoring station. China powers to close monitoring, environmental monitoring station of the direct management of the national network, the original data for the first time pass station, responsible for the national network monitoring data transmission, to provide protection for the national audit, the local network operation conditions, sharing network monitoring data, is no longer involved in the production and audit data. The built environment monitoring system of national unity ring department responsible person, according to the plan, the environmental monitoring quality during 13th Five-Year and strive to achieve a breakthrough in two aspects: in the aspect of management, through the improvement of laws and regulations, institutional change mechanism, increase the quality of inspection and punishment, strengthen information disclosure and other measures to safeguard the fairness and authority of the monitoring data the evaluation and assessment for state controlled ambient air, surface water, soil and ecological environment quality assessment of county monitoring data is accurate and reliable, meet the needs of environmental management. In the aspect of technology, the construction of ecological environment monitoring system of the national unified norms (covering ambient air, surface water, soil and other environmental factors), quality management and quality control system, scientific, quality assurance of monitoring data comparability and accuracy. To "13th Five-Year" at the end, fully completed in ambient air, surface water and soil environmental monitoring quality control system, a相关的主题文章: