"Two Pavilion" Lingyin and Li Keran Hangzhou. When a gorgeous summer flowers covered the bleak autumn wind, when the land was full of tree frogs cicadas replaced live in lofty red dust in the people, has been extremely tired, sleepy extremely, and rather baffling and hung up. So they go to dialogue with the silence of the sunset, and to flow East dialogue, dialogue with the stars suddenly felt lonely, and suffered the world too much dust. So, Mr. Li Keran will brush these hearts exhausted people into "Lingyin Pavilion" in two, the southern land of idyllic beauty. Autumn frost autumn play dew, no sleep, wake up from midnight, starting from dawn, predictable, pure sunshine without a trace of restlessness, walked into the Lingyin, into the Jiangnan flavor. As the late autumn, along the Mossy Forest Trail went forward, listening to gurgling water under the embankment and branches on the body of the melodious birds, had all gone the impetuous. Spring thunder and brown Pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion Lengquan cuiwei…… Is the home, Lingyin Pavilion, tree lined, green pines and verdant cypresses, the whole is hidden in a wild profusion of vegetation green Lingyin. A secluded gas such as water, is not aware of the oblivious of earthly immersion, such as color, lake like satin cheek. Spring is the spring water gurgling, Wen Ting, Dechun Cong two words, so even in the late autumn, can also be heard in March warm water. The bypass spring Pavilion, unfolding in front of nirvana. On the left side of klippe, don’t say those sculpted statues, even the rocks of the bump, pitch, support, also seemed to be full of hand carved out. The stones grow some short and tall trees, lush, dense, different attitude, and to add decorative stones. The peak foot is a fountain, from west to East, water when water in a hurry when leisurely. The road with parallel springs, and the first road on the left is Lei Ting, Su Dongpo had a poem: "I do not know where to jump from the water, wave to sink as ponley, and Lei Ting so named. After a pavilion, a pair of antithetical couplet: "since the spring Pavilion when cold, peak flying from where reading is sound with a smile, want to stop in the city of Su Zi Zhan do too often, we in the cool spring Pavilion on the poem’s life, but will not calm, its essential color dubai. The road is the Lingyin Temple walls, colored yellow. The road is towering trees, large and high, can really do the clouds "". Even the summer here, is cool, not to mention this autumn, then put up the long coat, make yourself with the surrounding environment and so more into Mr. Li Keran’s "two Lingyin Pavilion", a little regret is that Mr Li made only two booths, of course, Lingyin the pavilion is also really much to receiving all but may take some time. This picture is "two Lingyin Pavilion" in 1956, belong to the same two Zhejiang sketch Li Keran during the 1956 work. Close to Cooper, the middle is the pavilion, a stone on the left side of the route near and far, to the depths of the temple, the deep realm. The ink painting method is vigorous Cooper Cooper, thick, and there is no lack of charm; pavilion with multi character Kebi heavy ink, sketches to calm in order to change, two achieved unified quite good in the picture. Li Keran will sketch as the transformation of the old landscape painting platform相关的主题文章: