Tsinghua University undergraduate honours students classes first launched Tsinghua News Network on 22 September, (reporter Li Jing) the afternoon of September 21st, Tsinghua University undergraduate honours students and the first press conference opening ceremony was held in MMW technology building. Vice president of Tsinghua University Yang Bin, honorary degree pilot unit – the former chairman Tsien Hsueshen mechanical class Advisory Committee academician Huang Kezhi, the current chairman of the academician Yao Qizhi, Professor Qian Yonggang and chief adviser professor Zheng Quanshui attended. Yang Bin speech. Reporter Yuan Jie photo first of all, to explore the design of undergraduate degree program teachers and students who dare to challenge themselves expressed gratitude. He said, the twenty-fourth school education symposium has developed "on deepening education teaching reform, a number of opinions", to let the students become the subject of study, increase the selectivity of students, to stimulate academic interest, establish academic confidence. Undergraduate Honours Degree in teaching reform is more intensive and more solid and more financing to promote undergraduate courses, encourage more students improve learning motivation of scientific research, academic challenge. Through the design of the project, the students can make full use of all kinds of academic resources, lay a good foundation and carry out effective research and innovation projects. The establishment of undergraduate honours degree, hoping to guide the students to challenge the limits, challenge themselves, to be radically improved in terms of knowledge, ability and comprehensive quality, and school education in the teaching reform of the whole play a leading role. Zheng Quanshui introduces honorary degree. Reporter Yuan Jie photo Zheng Quanshui introduced the overall situation of the honorary degree program. He said that the project to the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self as the goal, to provide an open platform for innovation education, curriculum, research and practice through the honor and profound learning, peer learning, learning and research, with the realization of intensive practice, enhance Eq. Hope that the first batch of students to become opportunities to find, create opportunities to achieve the ultimate, adhere to a lifetime of excellence. Academician Yao Qizhi speech. Reporter Yuan Jie photo academician Yao Qizhi fully affirmed the honorary degree in personnel training of humanistic feelings and emotional intelligence, enhance students development speed of teaching innovation, pay attention to cross discipline based learning concept and measures, and said he was very pleased to contribute to the construction of the platform. Academician Huang Kezhi honors degree training pilot in the high hopes, hoping that this idea and the development of the ideal boost tsinghua. Professor Qian Yonggang said that the establishment of an honorary degree for Tsinghua School season to inject new colors, this year, China’s 60 anniversary of space, I hope the students dream come true. Freshman representative Yang Fan speak. Photo by reporter Yuan Jie Hu Jiayin ‘2015 students share the growing course in Tsien Hsueshen’s class, welcome students join the vitality and challenge the "money class" family, self, dream of success in the honorary degree on the platform. The first course honours student representative Yang Fan tells the Tsien Hsueshen mechanics class in the speech, hope that the love of mechanics can create the building blocks for China. Attended the event, as well as Deputy Dean, Dean of academic affairs Zheng Li, vice president of the College of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liu Bin, Faculty of relevant departments, school programs related class project director.相关的主题文章: