Tomorrow’s strategy: the golden needle is the most important law, and the main intention of the late season is the intention of this article. The analysis of market strategy does not mean the view of the China securities regulatory net, and is not the basis for buying and selling stocks by investors. Editor’s note: the market is showing significant adjustment on Thursday. Market participants generally believe that the end of the month before the market is still in shock consolidation trend, the market outlook is still patiently waiting for the emergence of new hot power of. Operation on the short-term cautious operation, waiting for the trend clear, grasp the long-term market. So how will A shares be interpreted tomorrow? How will investors operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Guangzhou Bandung: This is the bottom of the lilies important rules to the final blow? In a few bad joint strike, black Thursday as scheduled, the two cities rose only more than 700 stocks, the disk fell generally. However, the afternoon pick up has created a gold needle bottom, which increasingly highlights an important law of the current market. Since the A shares from the beginning of the 2800 start, 6 root tiaokongdikai line there were three months, coincidentally, after a similar line, the market will recover in a short period of time, then start upside. As of August 1st the market suddenly fell upward is in the early fall, when the aftermath, the root upward small line once let some investors shouted the end of the market for matter, but then is long continued to force, eventually won the 3100, sing the air was made slapped. Then, seventh tiaokongdikai line today turned out, it indicates that this is the final blow to the market is about to Guaitou? Eight consecutive days of callback has been the index slipped from high, if the market further down, the rare gathering of popularity will vanish. Guangzhou Bandung believes that in the G20 time window, the national team stable momentum strong. As the most important participants in the current market, the backing of the national team is very solid, therefore, A shares in the short term to stabilize and end this "stumble endlessly" trend is more likely. Today’s decline came mainly from the early low, and is constantly short intraday pay, no start, is obvious to people you sell into kinetic energy attenuation, the air force is to be released and exhausted, many of the jedi! So we should not be scared today gapped down hang back, this is a good time approach instead of picking up cheap. For good performance, and the depth of the main layout of the leading good stock, when the market will usher in a little rest on the callback of the opportunity, and the current market there is no speculation Dafengkou, investors cautious attitude and partial background, the reform of state-owned enterprises, pharmaceutical sector is particularly sought after by the funds, such as the Oriental entrepreneurship 10 days rose up to 31.50%, again today Huashenjituan market volume trading out of the recent record high, so this remarkable rush to raise enthusiasm, we should focus on the two main. (Bandung, Guangzhou)

明日策略:金针探底显重要规律 尾盘拉升暴主力意图 本文所涉及的市场策略分析不代表中证网观点,不作为投资者买卖股票的依据,股市有风险,投资须谨慎。编者按:周四市场呈现明显的调整行情。市场人士普遍认为,本月底之前市场仍以震荡整理趋势为主,后市仍需耐心等待新的有带动力的热点的出现。操作上短线谨慎操作,等待趋势明朗,把握中长线行情。那么明日A股将如何演绎?投资者将如何操作?且看众名家与机构的最新研判。 广州万隆:金针探底彰显重要规律 此乃空方最后一击?在几大利空的联手打击之下,黑周四如期而至,两市上涨个股仅700多只,盘面普跌。不过,午后的回升造就了一根金针探底,这越发彰显本轮行情的一个重要规律。自A股从2800启动开始,三个月时间里共出现过6根跳空低开阴线,巧合的是,在类似的阴线出现之后,市场都会在短时间内收复失地,随即展开上攻。如8月1日市场突然跳空下挫,彼时正处于前期暴跌余波之中,这根跳空小阴线的出现一度让部分投资者高喊行情结束逃命要紧,但随后就是多头持续发力,最终拿下3100,唱空者被狠打耳光。那么,第7根跳空低开阴线就在今天横空出世,是否预示着此时就是空方的最后一击,市场即将拐头向上呢?连续八天的回调已经让指数从高位滑落,倘若市场再出现进一步的下跌,难得聚拢起来的人气就会烟消云散。广州万隆认为,在G20时间窗口,国家队维稳动力强。作为当前市场上最重要的参与方,国家队的后盾坚实无比,因此,A股短期内企稳、结束这“跌跌不休”走势的可能性较大。今天的跌幅主要来自早盘的低开,而盘中却是买单不断,空头无从下手,杀跌动能的衰减是各位有目共睹的,待空方力量释放殆尽,就是多方绝地反击之时!所以我们不应该被今天的跳空下跌吓得畏缩不前,相反此时正是进场低价接货的好时机。对于业绩优良、又有主力深度布局的龙头好股,在大盘回调的时候才会稍作休整迎来上车机会,而当前市场不存在炒作大风口、投资者态度又偏谨慎的背景下,国企改革、医药等板块则尤其受到资金追捧,如东方创业10个交易日涨幅高达31.50%,再如华神集团今天逆市放量拉出涨停创下近期新高,抢筹热情可见一斑,因此这两大主线我们应该重点关注。(广州万隆)相关的主题文章: