To expand the source of information in order to prop up the tourism "black list" — Guangxi channel — recently, the National Tourism Administration issued eleven holiday "black list", covering area, travel agencies, tourism staff, tour guides, tourists 5 categories, including the scenic spot and comprehensive order and toilet revolution, the order of the tourism market, tourism security and tourism services 4 special, "Red List" as the best (or excellent), "black list" for the poor (or unqualified, not civilization), covering 31 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps. "Black list" is an innovative tourism evaluation mechanism, gained a lot of attention. However, a Shanghai reporter to the "black list" problems of the Sun Island International Club, Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Spot confirmation, the relevant responsible person for the problem of exposure denied, the staff reply is "not received" customer feedback "basically say very good" "is also solved in time". So, in a "Rashomon" embarrassing truth, why is baffling. A "black list" sources of information, the summary information provided by the Department of tourism authorities around the holiday tourism market order according to the local situation and. Tourism authorities criticized the scenic spot, the interests of the interests of the original intention is understandable, but the degree of information disclosure has yet to be further expanded: what is the evidence? How much is the visitor feedback? Scenic spots and the competent authorities have details between each other? These are the details still need to enrich their credibility. In the current information disclosure is insufficient, even if exposed, the area is still can confidently, to adopt a "talking" to maintain an ambiguous attitude. Fight or sly sophistry worth mentioning, at least that means "black list" ranking also need to expand the sources of information, feedback information to a greater extent in tourism services directly bear — tourists, so as to further enhance the credibility of the extrusion, each one sticks to his argument discourse space. If there is not enough information sources, "black list" may also be transformed into "the honor list". "Black list" soon, to celebrate the local scenic spot into the red list as many places, while the "black list" carefully conceal mentioning. In fact, "black list" of the authority level, "black" quality is particularly important, and the tourism department in charge of the "red" and "black" preference is can hardly be avoided. From the "black list" of the data can also see some clues, there are 14 areas of the black list submitted to the country, more than half of the area is not timely to the National Tourism Bureau reported negative information. Did not submit the black list of provinces in all aspects of the perfect? I’m afraid not. Therefore, "black list" to become the authoritative list has a deterrent effect, the credibility of the key is the radius range of expanding the sources of information, access to 12301 tourist complaints platform, 12315 consumer protection and other aspects of the platform data resources, clarify the information standard adopted, let some local cannot conceal the situation. In recent years, some of the chaos of domestic tourism has been widely criticized, correction measures continue to launch, "black list" also has been no small expectations. You know, hold up the "black list" is only the credibility, the credibility is the inevitable result of social evaluation of extensive sources. The public expects ")相关的主题文章: