Tianjin, a primary school children playing with a knife shouted: do not hinder me to play in the crowded public places, if someone next to play with knives, how would you think? Some netizens said micro-blog, in the afternoon of November 14th on the subway line 3, a primary school student playing with a knife, (he) loudly told people around him away from him, do not interfere with his play!" Even more angry netizens, the child’s grandmother on the side, do not say a word." According to a number of friends, said the child playing the knife looks like a butterfly knife. Butterfly knife, atypical knife, it can be convenient and safe for half the length, has a dual role, the handle is scabbard, can also rotate into a solid handle. So, is a butterfly knife a knife? The implementation of the Ministry of public security two 00 seven year "knives" standard has the following provisions, who meet one of the following standards, can be identified as the tool of control: 1, dagger with a knife handle and a knife and blood groove, tip angle less than single knife blade, double-edged blade of 60 degrees or more. 2, triangular blade having three blade machining tool. Spring knife 3, with self-locking device (knife blade): start or pop-up, can be handle in spring or folding tool card lock fixed lock. 4, other similar single blade, double-edged, triangular Knives: tip angle less than 60 degrees, blade length of more than 150 mm of single blade, double-edged and multiple cutting edge tool. 5, the other tip angle greater than 60 degrees, blade length of more than 220 mm of single blade, double-edged and multiple cutting edge tool. The provisions of People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law: illegal carrying controlled appliances and other countries of the provisions of the dagger into public places or public transportation, following more than five days to ten days detention, may impose a fine of five hundred yuan. For butterfly knives, the market is generally sold in different sizes of different specifications, temporarily unable to determine whether the child to play this is not a control tool. It is understood that the stationery shop around the school will often sell similar metal crafts, some children do not know, so I think it was fun to play, and I do not know this may hurt the people around. But, anyway, play tool will bring great security risk to themselves and the people around in the subway, but also to students instill violence thought, suggests that parents and children teachers more safety knowledge, do not carry such items to the public.相关的主题文章: