Thousands of South of the Five Ridges hole clan gathered in Guangdong Deqin Confucian Temple Memorial Confucius – Beijing new network in Zhaoqing in September 28, September 28th (Suo Youwei Long Xu) is a great thinker, educator and founder of Confucianism Chinese Confucius 2567 anniversary of the birth of Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing city Deqin Confucian Temple traditionally held in the fall of Confucius memorial activities, attracting thousands of South of the Five Ridges Kong clan, on behalf of the community and tourists inside and outside the province to participate in. Confucius, Deqin, Guangdong, China, Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple, is one of the oldest, largest and most famous Confucian Temple in the south of China in the autumn of. Deqin. On the same day, with the solemn music Ode to commemorate Confucius in the team under the leadership of Marshal, into the open slowly through the arch lingxingmeng, Pan Bridge to Confucian Temple Dacheng hall, to Confucius for the tribute, like incense, flowers, film worship ceremony. Master of ceremonies on behalf of reading Zhu Wen, the students recite classical Ancient Chinese Literature Search in melodious music, dancers dressed in costume, head of hair, holding lupin, dance dance official scholars, people in the traditional way, a Confucius. Guangdong Deqin Confucian Temple autumn Memorial Confucius Xu Xiangguang photo day to commemorate Confucius in Confucian Temple in Deqin launched the first "crown ritual", ten young people lined up in the Great Hall of the Confucian Temple, to the traditional crown ritual way to hold the adult ceremony, to Confucius like Yi li. The "crown ritual" is Chinese traditional rite, men under the age of 20, women over 15 years old, the family will hold a "adult ceremony", "crown", said the male female called "ritual". Salute when the "crown" and "Ji" hair after wearing Shangguan hat and hair and, at the same time put on a gorgeous dress, a symbol of their children grow into an adult citizen should shoulder responsibility. Confucian Temple in Deqin launched the first "crown ritual" photo by Xu Xiangguang, it is understood that the Deqin Confucian Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Dazhong Xiangfu four years (1011 AD), the reconstruction of Dade yuan in the first year (AD 1297), published by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units. Deqin Confucian Temple solemn great hall, is the most important building in the Confucian Temple in Deqin, is the only song of South of the Five Ridges’s current structure of the two generation of wooden ancient buildings, after more than and 700 years, the great hall still towering. The Great Hall of hall 19.4 meters high, 17.36 meters wide, 17.53 meters deep, is a typical architectural style of the song and Yuan dynasties. Because of the Great Hall of "original" famous four: not the top, minus column four root, a jump to the existing Tang Songgu brackets long developed the crown, is contemporary architects called "national treasure". Over the past few years, the Confucian Temple in Deqin in the first month of each year in September 28th and fifteen were held in the spring and autumn to commemorate Confucius activities, inheritance and carry forward the fine traditional culture of confucianism. The commemoration of Confucius in Deqin has also been included in the intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong. (end)相关的主题文章: