Thousands of people in Xiamen send police officers pupils to offer the most warm embrace of Tongan people spontaneously came to bid farewell to the police officers. Correspondent He Dongfang photo Xiamen – Haixi morning news after typhoon days, they appear, and in Xiamen the angle, lift away the fallen trees, broken branches, remove smelly garbage, cleaning up the muddy road…… The branches have thorns, pierced the punctured hand gloves; sweat more than, soaked in olive green clothes; on the ground and open, warm Xiamen 1699.39 square kilometers. They are the people’s army, the reconstruction of beautiful homes after the disaster in Xiamen, wrote a touching story of the capable of evoking praises and tears are the most lovely person. For them, we can do too little, but we want to say a lot. Let these words into a hug, turned into flowers, turned into poetry, turned into dance music, dedicated to the most lovely people. Thousands of people bid farewell to Tongan police officers with his family to, just to say "thank you" and "distressed at parting, yushuiqing deep." Yesterday morning, the original silent square in front of the stadium Tongan lively. Police learned that Fujian province forest police officers and men in the successful completion of the rescue mission to leave, thousands of people gathered spontaneously to Tongan, some came to ride, and some walking, some families, with some flowers and fruit, the common aspiration of everyone only one: sincerely to soldiers say "thank you"! At the scene, Tong’an District Party committee secretary Huang Yantian for police officers to send a banner, carrying on the people’s armed police officers and soldiers with gratitude; the District People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Mao Lizhen shows soldiers sent "build military" album record of one heart and one mind, and love stories during the rescue. From Dongshan community, Tian Yang Cun, Tong’an District staff Photography Association and other members of the public, the spontaneous formation of drum corps, percussion, drums and gongs to welcome the soldiers. "Uncle, you have worked hard, I love you." Look at a car passing vehicles, Tian Yang 5 years old girl Chen Yiwen waved goodbye to the police officers, reluctant to part. "The moving words are endless, and some officers and soldiers are younger than my grandson, and I want to shed tears." 72 year old Chen Meimei old man said with emotion. It is understood that the Fujian forest Corps in the Tongan rescue period, who were deployed 230 troops, 28 vehicles. "More than 3000 trees lodging trees, up to 38.5 km of roads, handling more than and 800 tons of garbage, dredge 10 roads, well completion of all dangerous missions. See the truth in the occasion of the crisis, when it is difficult to show ability. The typhoon struck, causing untold disaster to the Tongan District, is the first time the Tongan police officers rush to the rescue in disaster relief, they in the process of special hardship, to fight, to sacrifice, and made outstanding contributions to the Tongan District reconstruction work, their selfless dedication, also left a precious spiritual wealth for the with the construction and development of the future!" Deputy mayor Ke Yuzong said emotionally, he represented the Tongan District government, 750 thousand Tongan people to express my heartfelt thanks to all the officers and soldiers of Fujian forest corps and pay tribute. (reporter Chen Yaling)相关的主题文章: