Mobile-Cell-Phone The new Blackberry Torch looks like the model RIM have been hoping will go head to head with the smartphone heavyweights. Where this model differs from ones before it is that it boasts the same messaging and connection facilities of previous Blackberrys, with the added bonus of a touchscreen and improved operating system that brings it in to line with many of its competitors. The excellent e mail function and organiser has made the Blackberry the business phone of choice for many years now, but with the surge in popularity of instant messaging and social networking, the brand has successfully began crossing over to the mainstream market. The Blackberry torch is sure to continue this trend. Once again the full Qwerty keypad is present on this model. Rather than being placed directly beneath the screen, this time it is located on a slider system that slides downwards from behind the screen. The keypad works well and continues to make the Blackberry the handset to own for the best physical keypad. The slider mechanism is present in order for the phone to house its new feature, the excellent touchscreen. A high quality 360 x 480 pixel image can be displayed on the 3.2" screen. Responsiveness its great thanks to the capacitive screen, and the virtual keypad offers a reliable alternative to the physical one. Regardless what option you choose to use, the excellent Blackberry Instant Messenger is a great way of messaging other Blackberry users for free. Should you prefer the more known systems such as Google Talk and MSN, these can also be used. RIM have made some appealing updates to the operating system found on the Blackberry Torch. This new phone uses the version 6 software but maintains a very similar method of operation to previous models which will please existing users looking to upgrade. The device can display four homescreens as well as the main menu. These are well considered and show downloads, media, favourites as well as a handy most recently used section. Although this is slightly different to both present Blackberrys as well as Android handsets, when you actually use it it is a simple system to get used to . The Blackberry Torch can capture video footage at VGA quality and also still photographs at a 5 mega pixel resolution. The camera facility is easy to use and benefits from an LED flash and an autofocus feature. The Blackberry Torch offers a perfect mix of tradition and new technology. The brand have not moved to far away from their core principles, but have however included enough new features to give this phone massive appeal to a new breed of phone user. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: