A bookstore friend, is a particularly Niubi thing – Sohu culture channel Bookstore clerk Book Choice Award / activities / "work at the bookstore" looks very noble, but the work everyday, with service as like as two peas of different types. The general situation of Chinese Bookstore clerk, is holding a not too high wages do the bottom of the service. But this job is not like other service industries, the quality of the staff themselves can not do too high requirements. Bookstore clerk is a group that has been neglected for a long time, but also can contact with the most different groups of books. Want easy to a book, responsibly say that it takes at least half a year’s time, familiar with the title and author of the placement, about the number of stocks, different versions, even the basic content. But who cares? How many of the books we recommend are directly from the bookstore staff? What book is a bookstore really want to sell to readers? The answer to this question, even beyond these problems itself, has a more profound meaning, as a bookstore clerk must have their own views. However, no one has ever noticed the need for sound in this corner. This time, we try to put the right to speak to all of the bookstore clerk who also please you as much as possible to invite more practitioners involved: dual identity in the bookstore bookstore clerk and readers, what kind of book is their love as the reader, as a clerk when most want to recommend to customers. / participation / is or was a bookstore clerk carefully fill in the questionnaire (please do not worry about your data leakage, collected the data in the form only as auxiliary data base, this activity can be assured to fill in.) Consider you as a reader of the love most want to recommend to customers a book written submission / selection / 2016 published in all Chinese simplified books, including books on translation selection does not contain the scope of the same version of the version selection / / according to the questionnaire obtained the most recommended two books of fiction / non fiction award time from November 18, 2016 to December 31, 2016 and continue to understand the progress of activities please long press the two-dimensional code (Z u Û we £ ¢ K; do bookstore)相关的主题文章: