The woman lost wallet unaware of the police received a call that meets. People picked up with 5300 yuan in cash wallet initiative to the police station. When the police telephone contact with the owner, the other thought is a liar hang up. 9 at noon at 12:30 PM, enthusiastic people miss Hao came to the drum tower police platform, a wallet to the hands of the police, the police want to help find the owner. Miss Hao said, on the morning of 10 pm, her work in Tanxi talent exchange market, picked up the black in the wallet, ID card, bank card number, cash 5030 yuan. Because many people live, she did not find the owner, had to seek police help. According to the ID card, the police immediately through the police integrated platform to inquire the other side of the phone, asking whether it is missing items. Answer the phone is a woman, she thought received a telephone fraud, the initiative to hang up the phone. However, soon, the other side and the phone call over. Originally, the owner Lee skeptical over packet inspection, found the wallet just disappeared. 5 minutes later, Lee came to the police station for the lost. She smiled and said he is careless, apologized to the police, and repeatedly thanked Ms. Hao shijinbumei.相关的主题文章: