The U.S. presidential election has ended, pa pa a new president of the nouveau riche countless car! Sohu car in the afternoon, the latest news shows, on the other side of the earth during the election ended, Donald? Trump (Chuan Pu) Hilary by 276 votes against 218 votes? Clinton was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States. I have to say… To the people of Sichuan! Trump (TRUMP) because of its Chinese homophonic and known as the "Trump". But in fact, the great Chinese people the night stars, results published before will know the truth of the presidential election results… The status of natural needless to say, but most people don’t know is Trump before he was elected president on the rim son position basic no shake! Here we enumerate the billionaire’s nouveau riche nouveau riche car. Got a good hand sister ~ on the highway F1 Trump lady that car silver cloud 13 years in domestic auction 9 digit… Gold motorcycle Cadillac TRUMP customized version only buy some luxury car also will not Trump "Hao" embodies the most incisive, so… Finally, Trump offering a kill – – the Boeing 757, note that small private aircraft is not your understanding, is the real wave! Sound! Guest! Machine! A passenger plane with 239 Boeing Trump large sized aircraft, was renovated, become your own private car. Buddies brain can make up their own car… Then lengthened several times… In order to rival the US president’s car – Air Force One, Trump returned to his plane the nickname: Trump in 1. Look at this, the heart will inevitably be in doubt, what exactly is the two rich generation of Sichuan Hao running for president of the United States? Onion brother feel, may want to let us vice president Hao new height… Want to see more of the bunker car knowledge and cheats? In the "car onion" WeChat public reply ‘vice president’ and other words, there is more content!相关的主题文章: