The late Ming Dynasty scholar’s traveling expense view – Guizhou Channel – People’s network late Ming Dynasty traveling wind prevails, West Lake attracts tourists from all directions. As a "city writer", Zhang Dai’s works on West Lake are as much as 76. For him, West Lake is not only a lake, is a life time. In the "West Lake dream" as the representative of the West Lake Zhang Dai essay is "stay in West Lake after the world’s shadow". In Zhang Dai’s essay in West Lake, more than the description of West Lake tourism consumption bustling scene of tourists and tourism and recreational activities, exudes a rich flavor of life and full of charm. Industrialization, tourism consumption concept of tourism service form of luxury and West Lake tourism festivals are three important parts of the late Ming West Lake tourism Zhang Dai West Lake essay writing. The late Ming in the commodity economy developed, Hangzhou city people advocating abandoning Confucianism business, once you Jia style. Citizen groups began to focus on business opportunities, create new industries, especially tourism in West Lake make a fuss around. At this point, Hangzhou to West Lake as the center of the tourism industry to rise again, most of its practitioners for the people of Hangzhou. These people as a city group, mainly in West Lake, the boatman, actors and the vendors. Later people began to pay attention to West Lake tourism practitioners, a reappraisal of its value and pay attention to the right to life: "travel concept is not plain vulgar, although West Lake has to swim, is fine by the people for profit, more than a day. With our ban, solid to Yi, but fishing, boat, drama, city, Gu who lost its salty industry, they are not easy to reverse." The emergence of tourism groups in West Lake and the rise of tourism services in this new industry, derived from the needs of the public. West Lake in the late Ming period of repair and restoration to the re emergence of West Lake attractions, a large number of tourists, tourists with multiple needs to play. The aggregation of the citizen groups in West Lake has brought a large number of tourists to West Lake, which has brought a lot of business opportunities and hope for survival. Such as the seven month, West Lake "vocal advocate, such as boiling such as shake". West Lake City Xiang, even in Hangzhou, is "put no wine, a left stuffed", which provides a large number of employment opportunities for tourism practitioners. West Lake red boat offers more business and entertainment services to tourists in West Lake. West Lake red boat, which is in essence the West Lake hawkers. The ship "wine table swim scull, interactive exchanges, the song blows voice is heard, since the spring and summer, summer and autumn, autumn and winter, day and breath, Sheng Yizai". The red boat also swim the lake’s stage, they are generated to meet the city people’s enjoyment of city tourism practitioners. With the development of tourism in West Lake, West Lake also appeared in a number of troupes, for visitors and city people enjoy opera. Zhang Dai said: "Peng Tianxi on the play wonderful world", "without the word coined. Once a person, extended to empty fee, dozens of gold, one hundred thousand possessions, and as far as hand margin. Spring in West Lake." In West Lake, only a series of plays are so popular that we can see the importance of the opera in the tourism industry in West Lake. After the middle period of Ming Dynasty "luxury to thrifty", is an important turning point of ancient Chinese and concept of consumption mode. Since the Southern Song Dynasty in West Lake, it has a "sell gold pot" argument. Lang Ying, "the seven amendment"相关的主题文章: