The test team Sizan Xin offseason operation bluntly here is like home –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on October 23rd, the Sacramento Kings star center DeMarcus cousins – accept the Sirius XM satellite radio interview with reporters in cousins Shahbaz Khan in the dialogue he talked about the prospects for the team and this year the new season. Cousins first talked about this year’s Rio Team USA experience: "in the national honor above all I see the occupation spirit atmosphere of everyone, and the game behind the daily training and other matters — there are many worthy of my learning and memory. I’ve learned a lot from them and I think I’m better off when I come back from the United States men’s basketball team." The cousins also talked about the king’s offseason operation: "I think our team is now at a higher level, it can make us realize the objectives of the season (playoffs), Joerg is the perfect puzzle, now everything is perfect. What we need to learn now is a new system, every little thing." When it comes to Sacramento, Cousins said: "this city so far there has been a lot of things, but also get a lot of things. As a team, we should try our best to give back to the city. I am very happy here, I regard it as my own home, I feel I have been deeply in the community here, my family and friends are here. Like I said, I think of it as a family." (Yan Xiaobai)相关的主题文章: