The suspect Qiao Renliang former girlfriend mutual tear: someone threat to heritage Qiaojia Tencent entertainment news recently, Qiao Renliang suspected his girlfriend micro-blog users "Li Er 1022" micro-blog "long ago," the consequences, and drying out a lot of chats screenshot to prove their identity, and said he did not hype, then broke the news in a platform Qiao Renliang in the brokerage company compulsory arrangement work, depression intensified, and accused the agency did not give Kimi salary, Qiao Renliang’s account is less than 100 thousand. Only in the past day, and a micro-blog _Kzy female blogger @ Confucius actively referred to himself as Qiao Renliang’s ex girlfriend, and Qiao Renliang’s last "claim to be loved". She also said Li Qiao attacked two threat for heritage, claiming the two rich generation, also go out to accompany sleep, "you can ask them to question my identity (Qiao Renliang family)", "there is no evidence I will say?" On the evening of 21, she published a lengthy shelling Li two, count several "counts": 1, Qiao Renliang is unable to determine the cause of death is suspicious, Dutch act or homicide, Qiao Renliang died when Lee two at home, but she did not announce the death of Qiao Renliang; 2, Qiao Renliang’s don’t want to talk to Li two, Li two has been asking him 3, two; Li Joe threatened family, for 4, Qiao Renliang heritage; Li Er claimed to be the two rich generation also go out to accompany sleep. This statement for suspected his girlfriend and former girlfriend suspected controversy, users have a message: "KIMI is not in, do not want to borrow his hype", "why not let him go peacefully", "the two woman is really enough, not a good stuff".相关的主题文章: