The student village welcomes the king Yeyou Chunlei grandmother this year has been a hundred years old, and she greeted the joy of volunteers. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Wang Junli and Liao Qianwen) in September, and a year or quarter. Nanjing Tzu Chi volunteers once again into the Suqian city secondary occupation school places for two days of spring student activities. "Today I am very happy, but also special move, thanks to the aunties and uncles to help me to go to school." 2016 chunleiban Wang Yujiao secondary school places in gratitude to the volunteers said.   into the countryside to visit her feelings more Zhi Jian spring 24 afternoon, after several twists and turns, volunteers personally into the children’s home visits. Students Wang Yeyou, when he was three years old, his mother ran away from home, without hearing a word about this. The burden of the family fell on the father of a person. In addition to support home centenarians in the (father’s grandmother), but also for the industry friends to go to school, my father sold his cottage only home. In Yeyou Sanshu borrowed a room to live. The room is very simple, the father and the son bed is set up by the board, in addition to a small television, no other home appliances. Because the family rely on farming for a living, working for many years, only 46 years old, his father had gray hair, the lungs have discomfort when cough. Life is so hard, but his father is still optimistic, because the industry is all his friends hope, he said, anyway, let the children go to school. Sensible Di billion hugging her mother, told her that he would work hard, take her filial piety! Let my mother happy. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Wang Junli and Liao Qianwen) 16 year old Di billion was not born in a well-off family, a disabled brother and sister brother arms, are in college. In addition to the home of two acres of land, the father at home near a wood processing plant to do some odd jobs, daily dozens of pieces ranging from fixed income, no additional income. The mother is weak and unable to go out to work, only at home after doing some farm work, there are seventy-four home of the grandmother in the hospital, need medical expenses. Mother talking about the situation at home, can not help but wipe tears. Sensible of the embrace of her mother, told her that they will work hard, good filial piety! This let mother pleased unceasingly. Grants round school dream Jingsiyu wisdom to make more friends, like industry billion such children to continue their study, they lit the life and the hope of the family, the grants, compared with last year, the number increased by 86 to 286 (including the secondary occupation school places 2015 grade 86, 2016 new level 100, and the Suqian Information Engineering Vocational secondary school 2016 Grade 100). This is not only the children’s fund, government departments, School of Tzu Chi’s approval, but also expand the love feeling stretched Tzu Chi, sow more seeds of love and kindness.   the children see volunteers carry supplies, also take the initiative to join the move operation column. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Wang Junli and Liao Qianwen) in addition to the volunteers brought Tzu Chi volunteers around the world love grants, also brought rich Jingsiyu class. Through a variety of small games, movies, music, interpretation, and so on, so that children learn to appreciate respect and.相关的主题文章: