The second session of the SNH48 Fashion Awards Xu Jiaqi win again the struggle Utopia Miu Wenqing photography Sina entertainment news the evening of November 5th, the second session of the SNH48 Fashion Awards held in Shanghai. The members of BEJ48 and GNZ48 is the sister group for the first time on the T station, the second annual fashion awards "Fashion Style-7" born to shine. Last year won the first fashion awards the first name of Xu Jiaqi [micro-blog] this year, once again won the first, Xu Jiaqi said he is very happy, keep dignity. In this festival has an excellent performance with adorable [micro-blog] top6 from last year to this year’s top3, wearing adorable admitted that the Style Awards for their performance in regret, and smile and laugh: you have the confidence for the first year. Wearing adorable frankly regret hope that next year the total runoff can improve the snh48 "style7" (Fashion god seven) by fans through snh48 platform like and comprehensive site big coffee industry professional judges decided comment. Finally, Xu Jiaqi, Wu Zhehan [micro-blog], wearing adorable, Lu Ting, Wang Lu, Sun Zhenni, Chen Qiannan at the Top1 to top7. The scene, Zhang Yuge [micro-blog] won the "best Sina typhoon Award", Xiaoyin hole [micro-blog] won the "best Sina Fashion Award", in addition, the member for the first time to participate in fashion awards also dedicated "Sina Best Newcomer Award", Chen Yunling, Ma Yuling, Chen Ke three members won the award. Last year won the first session of the first Xu Jiaqi Style Awards, this year once again won the first, Xu Jiaqi said he is very happy, to protect the dignity, because micro-blog had in their own small tail reads "fashion a sister", although some but finally did not let boast without shame, fans disappointed. In the awards in the outstanding performance of the high popularity of wearing adorable, show themselves in the field, enhance the top6 from last year to this year’s top3, but the interview admitted on the wearing adorable Style Awards in the performance of regret. In a opinion awards wearing their adorable four dresses out Zouxiu one set of their own imagination and have a slight gap, hoping to do better next year. At the same time, also wearing adorable smile, he was not a professional model, but to think of himself as a supermodel, and once accidentally fell on the runway, we turned gorgeous stand up again. Dai Meng also joked: they have the confidence to fight for the first year. When it comes to weakness, wearing adorable generous, feel oneself is still a lack of popularity, hoping to find their own strengths next year before the total runoff, can have a good ranking in general election next year. In the eyes of the girl are popular single product – velvet dress fashion that night was the god seven members, they will get the plane and video shot blockbuster exclusive fashion. The fashion god seven TOP3 members Xu Jiaqi, Wu Zhehan, Dai Meng will also have the opportunity to attend the international top four fashion week related activities. So what are the popular fashion items in their eyes? Xu Jiaqi frankly, I think Dai Meng fashion. Adorable wearing admitted that their usual Sifu fashion, so she also openly said: "I think the velvet material)相关的主题文章: