The second mother in hospital shed baby baby: I squatted down down at noon yesterday, the famous pregnant unexpectedly in the Haining People’s Hospital emergency outdoor shed gave birth to a child. Lucky! Mother and child safety. What the hell is going on? The inspection found that maternal Haining People’s Hospital doctor Dong Dieyang, "probably at around 11:40, I am ready to take the car and go to lunch, in the emergency gate on the edge of the non motor vehicle shed, I saw a woman sitting on the ground, talking on the phone crying, and a baby on the edge of the umbilical cord are even with a large pool of blood on the ground." Dong Dieyang hurried to the emergency room for a nurse. Subsequently, the nurse rushed to the mother pushed to the delivery room. Who will be the first time the baby’s umbilical cord, and to give the baby the head check. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the baby. At the same time, midwives also gave the mother to do a further hemostatic treatment and disinfection suture, blood quickly stopped. The baby is a boy, the nurse helps weigh 3410 grams. Mother and child safety. It is understood that the woman surnamed Li, Yunnan people, 21 years old this year, this is the second child. The first child was a daughter, born in May. Originally, the second child’s birth date is October 25th, but more than 7 in the morning yesterday, Mike’s stomach began to hurt, at first, she did not care, thinking about the expected date of childbirth is still poor for two days. I never thought more and more pain, her husband drove the electric car to take her to the hospital to hospital to be produced. However, due to the couple are not familiar with the hospital, the hospital will not find half where. In order to let Mike less go a little way, the couple decided: Mike in bicycle shed, and her husband went to the inpatient department, found to take her. But I did not expect is that the husband left not long, the children can not wait to come to the world. "When I squatted down, the baby fell off." Xiao Li described to the medical staff. Currently, Xiao Li and the baby has been transferred to the maternity ward, the situation is very stable. Haining People’s Hospital doctor said this is ready, but still want to remind the child mother, don’t think you have the experience, until the stomach pain come to the hospital, the second is relatively fast, but too late, once found what strange, or should as soon as possible into the hospital to be produced, must not neglect.相关的主题文章: