The return peak number of high-speed congestion in Guangzhou Railway Station, mid autumn peak return rujierzhi. Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Youzi photo Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Yan)   a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday on the last day, usher in the return peak, Guangdong high-speed traffic slow. According to the Guangdong traffic group monitoring center news, yesterday morning 10 pm to 15 pm, Guang Zhao, Kaiyang, shenshanxi, Fokai, Guangzhou Zhuhai east, Beijing Zhuhai, Yangmao, Guangdong and Jiangxi, Hui River, Qing Guang, Guangfo, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Humen River Bridge, crane, Hiroka, Wu, cloud cloud Ping Xing, 18 road traffic control or congestion. Return peak, traffic flow, traffic accidents also increased. According to the traffic department predicted that today the return peak will continue, ask the driver to check in advance planned route, avoid congested routes and time. Xiamen Kinmen route some flights resumed according to Xinhua news agency, Xiamen in September 17,   (reporter Fu Min, Shang Hao) reporter learned from the Xiamen Tongyi checkpoint, the typhoon "Meranti", has been suspended across the board two days will resume flights to Kinmen Route 17 to 23 days, five dock every day each of the 10 classes of import Hong Kong flights. For the convenience of the compatriots on both sides of the road, Xiamen Kinmen route five dock will be the day before the 18 flights out of Hong Kong to cut out of Hong Kong 10 class. Among them, Xiamen from the five terminal to the first flight shipping time is 8, the last is 18:30.相关的主题文章: