The reporter visited the Jiangcheng market abroad dilinghua parents confused a drama "farewell", a niche topic in public view. For children’s education environment, some parents choose to go out to study, more is to choose the host family guardian. Some experts said that the small separation reflects the anxiety of Chinese family education. Would rather leave case to send abroad ya every Saturday, Mr. Zhang and his wife will keep at home, waiting for the other side of the ocean the son of Zhang Xin (a pseudonym) video phone. Over the past two years, this phone has become an important link between husband and son contact. Two years ago, in a key high school in Wuhan read a semester of Zhang Xin, alone to fly to the United states. Through his students, successfully entered a private high school in the United States, as many young students in a foreign China. Zhang introduced the child’s performance on the medium, but admitted to the top universities is not difficult. In order to allow children to enter a higher level of University, so choose to send him to the United States in advance. After two years of study, Zhang Xin is very competitive, the goal is to enter the famous American University of mit. "The children get up at half past six every morning at half past seven, was sent to school at half past five in the afternoon, back to ten pm or so to sleep." Mr. Zhang said, the child every day except the homework, there are some lessons. Take a variety of courses at the weekend. So usually only through a network message, only to the weekend, two couples can see at night and think of the son through video phone. There are successful examples of Zhang Xin, there are many cases of failure. Wuhan, a foreign executives Mr. Qu is still very much regret their choice. Mr. Qu’s son, 16 years old this year, last year when the senior high school entrance examination results in a complete mess, so he chose to study abroad. The United States thought learning pressure is not large, can well adapt to the child, did not expect the child to the United States often skip class, learning is not serious, after two months, all the subjects do not pass the test, directly discouraging return. This spring, after deliberation and son again choose to go abroad, who was again returned to the school, because the school is stealing cigarettes. Mr Qu can only choose to give his son a private high school in Wuhan. A case about six years experience with ya foreign education most qualified families want their children to receive education abroad. Reporters interviewed found that these parents are basically more recognition of foreign educational model. This year only 9 years old little girl Zhang Muzhi, has been accompanied by the parents of the United Kingdom, mainland China, Hongkong, China, the education of the local three. Since she was 3 years old half, parents moved to London, let her start from kindergarten into western education. Zhang Muzhi’s mother Liu Yun Fang was delighted to find that the more outgoing and become small. "Going abroad with children is also a desire to change her character." Zhang mother said. But read for more than a year, because of the physical reasons for the small family, the family of three chose to return to Wuhan, read the kindergarten. After comparison, Liu Fangyun believes that Zhang Muzhi is more suitable for western education, and then sent her to the primary school in Hongkong. Liu Fangyun said, and the United Kingdom, the Hongkong school also emphasize team spirit, not to encourage it.相关的主题文章: