The Phoenix 2 man Piandai 1 million 940 thousand yuan to repay fled after the final surrender (original title: Phoenix two man Piandai 1 million 940 thousand yuan fled after police persuasion surrender) Phoenix News September 14th two men for loans 1 million 940 thousand yuan, due to inability to pay, by the public security organ to online pursuit. In September 13th, Fenghuang County of Hunan Province Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police after various efforts, in cooperation with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, the success of online criminal suspects Tian Moumou, Hu urged. In July 11th, Economic Investigation Brigade police found in Wu Moumou for illegal loans case, Tian Moumou, Hu two people during April 2011 to October 2011, was exploited by bank management, take account of others, top fictitious loan applications and other means of defrauding 1 million 940 thousand yuan loan from a bank in Fenghuang county. After obtaining the loan, the two did not agree to repay the principal and interest, the bank has repeatedly told the loan is still unable to recover, then the police for help. According to the provisions of the "Criminal Procedure Law" of People’s Republic of China, Economic Investigation Brigade Tian Moumou, Hu bank loan fraud case investigation. The police investigation found that Tian Moumou, Hu was unable to repay principal and interest, already caught absconding, then Tian Moumou, Hu will be online pursuit. In order to solve the case as soon as possible, Economic Investigation Brigade police repeatedly come, two families do ideological work, move, reason, through the analysis of the case from the legal relation, and the reason to persuade Tian Moumou, Hu Moumou, Tian family, let Hu active surrender. The morning of September 13th, after various efforts, the suspect Moumou, Tian Hu persuaded by the initiative to justice. Currently, the case is being further processed. (net correspondent Tan Qunzhou Zhou Zhi)相关的主题文章: