The paper prints — 2016 Park Road national invitational exhibition organized by the Yunnan provincial library, Yunnan Arts University, Academy of Fine Arts, co design Specialized Committee chamber "paper prints -2016 Park Road national invitational exhibition on Saturday (November 12th) at the opening of the Yunnan province library 4 p.m.. Li Ju 01 tribute to Van Gogh – 1 20x30cm 2012 Wu Dewu 01 woodcut "planting 1" screen prints 57X38CM  2015 in the international art market of oil painting, printmaking, sculpture is the world recognized three kinds of art, art of printmaking is also behoove pure eye-catching international collectors. The development of Nie Nanxiang’s three of us are walking together woodcut 80X70CM 2016 Xu Bojun red dream 63X45CM2015 Chinese woodcut prints, is in line with the international exchange value judgment of art, has become an important type of art, Home Furnishing layout, beautify the life of the moment, with a strong artistic appeal of printmaking entered a new stage of development. Ma Yue No. 0602 Serigraphs 56X76cm2007 Song Wei "my dream" of wood engraving 69× 46cm in 2013 because of printing market in the initial stage, in the few professional print gallery and the corresponding policy propaganda and promotion, and collectors are more interested in famous works, and to the young generation of artists works lack of attention and, the overall concept of multiplicity of prints do influence the prints in the promotion and development of domestic. Lu Shun feast silk screen 90X61CM2015 Sun Guanghua Play Bird screen prints 92X52CM2010 in Europe and the United States, prints and watercolor painting is "noble" painting, home will hang a number of prints, watercolor original. This is a kind of best art form that the spirit needs to be satisfied after the material is extremely rich. Western investors that own prints, and works with the quality of Museum, Museum of fine arts is a matter of honour. Lv Min people will gladly dance 60x57cm Wang Farong 2005 woodcut distant woodcut prints of reed 72X110CM less hasty, made payable, printmaking is drafting, engraving, printing as one of the three steps in the process of artistic creation, the picture effect will be improved continuously in the three stages. The version of the painter seldom affected by the market, they are living in the silence of the spiritual world, enjoying their work achievements, artistic strong, relatively pure, there are many real works of art, which is rare in pure art. It is because they have withstood the temptation of the market, concentrate on the real work of art, so we can collect a lot of pure art works. Shi Xiaoming Sunflower – dance woodcut king 76X82CM2015 Yuyang Hill three 45X68cm 2016 screen prints the organized "paper prints -2016 Park Road National Printmaking Exhibition, gathered in the national youth version based hundred pieces of outstanding prints, prints is rich and varied. The writing style and 7相关的主题文章: