The old man was "son" phone cheated 280 thousand police teach you nine fangpian code "son" calls, said their prostitution and drug abuse was arrested for bail, cheated 280 thousand Yuan Peng old son of heartache. Yesterday, the police informed that longevity, posing as the old man, the son of a person who has been arrested. In anti fraud propaganda, the police extracted a communications (Network) fraud nine code to help the public to be vigilant, good money bag. In June 24th this year, who lives in Changshou District Laopeng received the work in the field of "son" phone, said his prostitutes were arrested, need 30 thousand yuan bail. To save his son, the old man immediately went to the bank to the bank transfer 30 thousand yuan. Soon, the son and called, saying he was arrested drug, let dad anyway to save him, and put forward the need for 250 thousand yuan. The thought of his son’s future, Laopeng bite, and hit 250 thousand yuan. After playing the money, the old Peng always feel that is not practical, then dialed his son’s phone, only to know his son to work well, did not do anything. Old Peng immediately reported to the police longevity. The police investigation found that telephone fraud is from Guangxi Yulin to longevity, ATM locations in Guangdong dianbai. The police locked the suspect Chongqing Ji Cheng, Yulin to Guangxi, after investigation, to find a way to find out the traces and gang crime dens. In September 27th 3 in the morning, the police will be suspected of fraud process a 13 arrest. Remember fangpian nine code cover purse should change 1, mobile phone SMS links do not point: Although there are security link messages sent to the bank, but due to the pseudo base station can send text messages to any number of counterfeit, so it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of any link, do not click on the text with suggestions. 2, those who claim to "SMS verification code" is a liar: Bank, Alipay sent a message authentication code "is extremely secretive private information, usually a few minutes automatically expired, so shall not disclose the information to any person or institution. 3, about the card number and password: telephone, SMS, QQ, WeChat talk and never mention bank card number, password, ID number, card number and other information, so as not to be used fraudsters. 4, do not believe "connected", believe "hit": to prevent fraud molecular simulation bank customer service number to cheat in unknown caller can choose to hang up and take the initiative to call the telephone, this can guarantee the accuracy of the relative number. 5, money not only into any requirements of their play money, money behavior have long eye, suggestions like to call to the line under the bank counters, such as the heart of doubt, may apply to the bank staff consultation. 6, new evidence not credulous: personal privacy leak flooding, fraudsters often have some citizens personal information, so remember not easily trust strangers, even friends and family on the Internet to how long a heart. 7, phishing sites to be on guard: do not easily trust those who look like the official website looks like phishing sites, login to the bank and other important sites, to develop a verification website domain name, web site habits. 8, fresh things to note: fraudsters often use the latest hot policy design scheme, if you mention some unknown phone never had contact with fresh things, never take it seriously. 9, once it is difficult to distinguish true and false, call 110相关的主题文章: