The next 10 days, Nanjing continued to enter the next rainy weather cold air incoming news (reporter Qian Hongyan) yesterday, the city ushered in the rainy weather, the next 10 days is expected to see the sun. This is my two day temperature is not low, but next week will be cold air strikes, I may be a second winter. The continuation of the day before the day, yesterday morning full of sunshine, the sky clouds morning I began to gradually thickening, at noon, parts of the city with a sporadic light rain. To the night and a light rain. Tomorrow my city overcast with light rain, the overall rainfall is. From the time of the next forecast, the rainy day is expected to last about 10 days, and wait for you next week is likely to be a second winter weather. From the perspective of the temperature, the temperature of tomorrow was gradually increasing trend, today the city’s highest temperature is expected at 18 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of tomorrow is expected to rise to about 21 degrees c.. Remind you of a few days can enjoy the warm autumn quietly to the next week of rainy weather plus cool body feeling will feel very cold, down jacket to get the jacket.相关的主题文章: