The NDRC experts behind three or four lines of the property market is expected to strengthen policy support: multi – market dynamics – Locke Shanghai Sina Financial News   Macroeconomic Research Institute of NDRC vice president Chen Dongqi said on November 11th, Chinese real estate policy should emphasize the stability, real estate regulation should take structural mode, with long-term strategies to deal with short-term problems, but not all pressure, to prevent the collapse of the real estate industry may impact on macro economy. He believes that a second tier cities in the real estate market will continue to stabilize, while the three or four line of urban real estate will be improved with infrastructure, capital return and multi policy support is expected to strengthen. In 2016 Chinese non-ferrous metals industry today at the annual conference of the 2017 (SMM) metal price forecast conference, Chen Dongqi delivered a speech on the macro economic situation and trend. He said that this year may be China’s economy and the global economy bottomed out next year, the economy will rebound in the next year. China’s economy since 2010 began to adjust, but did not see signs of recovery GDP." He also stressed that the treatment of China’s economy, mainly to see whether the growth in demand, can not look at the base, can not see the total. Chen Dongqi pointed out that the factors affecting the Chinese economic growth still exist, for example, the regional economic downturn continues, and the time may be longer than the other downward cycle, while the traditional industry is still in decline, adjustment and transformation trend, the supply pressure is still great. However, he also said that there are bright spots in China’s economy, so next year will not continue inertia down, GDP growth or keep between 6.5%-7%. He believes that the demand supply has stabilized, prices rebound, increase the proportion of GDP accounted for added services, that economic rebound into the cycle. In addition, he also mentioned that China and the United States and China economic cooperation will lead to a gradual recovery of the Chinese economy. Chen Dongqi believes that the use of competition and win-win thinking to see Trump on stage. "Trump’s policy emphasizes the interests of the United States, the United States is beneficial to the people, will strengthen the people’s livelihood, strengthen domestic construction, but also strengthen the deficit policy is conducive to the demand for commodities." Sina Finance Peng Suping from Shanghai相关的主题文章: