The National Day golden week last day to usher in the return peak passenger flow, the Anhui railway channel October 7 Hefei Xinhua (Yue Xiaolong Xu Wenfeng) 7 morning, Anhui channel from the Shanghai Railway Bureau, today is the National Day Golden Week transportation for tenth days, and the last day, the railway will usher in the return peak passenger flow, the Yangtze River Delta railway is expected to send 2 million 450 thousand passengers, plans to open 162 passenger trains, which cross the Railway Bureau in the long-distance passenger trains to 22, the Shanghai Railway Bureau passenger train 140. This year, the national day of the golden week of the railway transportation period from September 28th to October 7th, a total of 10 days, the Yangtze River Delta railway passenger traffic, visit relatives, travel, business and other students overlap. October 6th, the Yangtze River Delta railway passenger 2 million 249 thousand people, an increase of 351 thousand people, an increase of 18.51%. From September 28th to October 6th within 9 days, the Yangtze River Delta 19 million 543 thousand passengers, daily send 2 million 171 thousand people, which is from September 30th to October 6th for 7 consecutive days over 2 million 170 thousand people; October 1st sent 2 million 867 thousand passengers, an increase of 431 thousand people, an increase of 17.7%, and the Shanghai Railway Bureau daily send visitors record. Return to meet the demand for passenger travel, Shanghai Railway Bureau based on train diagram given train, respectively return to Shanghai, Hangzhou, plus Nanjing, Hefei, Quzhou, Beijing direction of bus 162, and the passenger trains were expanded to add a reconnection operation or. The railway sector prompted the majority of visitors, each station return traffic is large, has been through the Internet, telephone booking tickets but not passenger tickets, please try to collect the tickets in advance, and bring the ticket and ticket information consistent with valid ID, to advance to the station for a ticket into the formalities. Passengers in the city as far as possible to go out in advance, set aside enough time to take the subway, bus, so as not to delay the trip. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: