"Shadow Man" will steal the film Mark Livy shared the story of childhood in those years, who stole our shadow — and Mark & Li Weihe #183; tea Tencent entertainment news (Wen Cengni Wang Dong in September 12th twenty-first video), Tencent Movie Salon "in those years, who stole our shadow" held in Beijing world class, best-selling novel "stealing the shadow" author Mark · Li Weiguang near the scene, dialogue and discussion with Shi Hang, Shi Dingrou, Yin Xiang, Huang Bin and other guests. At the meeting, Mark · Livy tells the story of his creation, and to share with you how to maintain a gentle self". In addition, the scene also announced the shadow of the people to steal the movie was officially launched, the film’s first movie poster will also be released. "Steal the shadow of the people" will be the film writer Mark · Livy appeared to talk about talking about the ·, Livy, you may not be familiar with, but "steal the shadow of the people" you must have heard. As a perennial in the literature books bestseller list in the forefront of the works, "people" in the shadow of stealing a Chinese healing reading trend, is soothing millions of readers. Previously, the book repeatedly transferred will be made into a film, but has not been below. Yesterday (September 12th), in the twenty-first phase of the Tencent film salon, this expectation has finally become a reality. In order to witness this special moment, "the man who stole the shadow" original novel author Mark · Li Weilai to the scene, this is the first time he came to Beijing. Talking about the creative mind, Mark said, "stealing shadow" is actually a refraction of his heart, "I stole a lot of others shadow, this is a child’s strength, I can through someone else’s eyes and their attitudes to observe their hearts." Mark said, in his childhood was a very shy person, "in my opinion, writing is to write out our hearts as clear as noonday can not say something, but the shadow of the man" is "stealing also gave me a way, I can go to achieve the goal I had before." "I want to say that this is a love story, is a book about friendship is novel, on how to deal with the relationship between parents of the novel, but also hope and disappointment about novels, put it all together is a film about the life of the novel." Mark said. According to host Huang Bin revealed that the shadow version of the people to steal the shadow project will be officially launched, the latest concept of the poster is also officially released on the same day. Poster on the oil painting as the keynote, the above is written in a line: "it can steal someone else’s shadow, to find the secret of other people’s hearts, 2018 to find their own." Scene, Mark · Livy was given a sculpture of the people who stole the shadow of a seal, said that he was the shadow version of the shadow of the people is also very much looking forward to the. Mark · Livy shared childhood story: how to keep your tender has been "stealing the shadow" is considered a model for healing of the novel, this is a gain and loss, and understand the growth of Adult Fairy tale. The presence of the guests agreed that the biggest highlight of the book is that Luc left"相关的主题文章: