The man Qingliangfeng trap to kill wild deer   or face jail – Chongqing channel — original title: Anhui man Qingliangfeng trap to kill wild deer or even if this is a small village at the junction of Zhejiang and Anhui Anhui Ningguo. In November 24th, Wang as before, stroll in the home. At the moment, a lot of people outside the house, he did not expect that these people came from Zhejiang forest police, waiting for him, will be separated from his family and severe legal sanctions. Wang love go to the mountains "hanging" (a rope, made from the trunk, hunting wild animal trap), sheep and cattle to stocking people especially hate him, because livestock strayed into the trap and missing. Mo is not, to come up with their own things to lift up the mountain? Sure enough, a lot of forest police search put hanging tools in the Lao Wang home, and asked him, whether there is a miss hanging area Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve in Zhejiang Ling’an recently? This question, Wang Meng circle to think of it, a few days ago he went up the mountain in Ling’an, Qingliangfeng woods placed several crane. Is it, hanging to what should not hang things? Ling’an forest police Zhou Junwen told Wang, November 19th, he in Qingliangfeng trap, caught a wild deer in Southern China, which is the national level protected wild animal, in the evening, the deer died. Because he suspected of illegal hunting of endangered wild animal, needs to be removed for further investigation. Silently shed two lines of tears, Wang told police: "I know Qingliangfeng is a protected area of sika deer, hunting is wrong. I went up the hill to catch a boar. Now I am very sorry, there are old at home there are small, my mother on my son, police comrades, I really will go to jail?" Too late to regret, change not to regret. Few people tread Qingliangfeng natural protection zone, living here with certain populations of Southern China wild deer and other wildlife protection. At noon on November 18th, the reserve staff Xunshan, found a wild deer in the forest, the left foreleg was hanging, the whole body is a semi floating state, is constantly struggling. The staff immediately to the forest public security alarm, and rescue of Sika deer. Unfortunately, due to suspended deer extreme panic, adrenal hormone secretion of excessive short-term lead to organ failure, died in the night. Except for the first time the police break the trap, immediately launched a technical investigation in November 23rd, locked the suspect for cross-border fled the crime Anhui Ningguo wang. Then in Anhui forest police department, and learned that Wang in August this year was due to put the crane, harming the farmers home goat, once the police mediation dispute had further confirmed Wang major crime suspects, and in one fell swoop captured. Forestry departments to remind all wild animals are subject to national legal protection. Wang Anhui next step will be transferred to the procuratorial organs for further investigation. According to the criminal law 341st, he was arrested on suspicion of illegal poaching of endangered, rare wild animals, or will face up to 5 years in prison. (reporter Shi Wen Zhang, commissioning editor: Qin Jie?)相关的主题文章: